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Pongwiffy: A Witch of Dirty Habits
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Jan (janoda) | 42 comments Heya!

This is a book I read when I was about 10, so it's probably from either the first half of the 90s, or late 80s. I read it in Dutch, but I'm 90% sure it's a translation from English. I think it was aimed for 10 year olds, but since I read basically everything in my library that was available, it's possibly for younger or older kids.

It's a story about a witch, who's extremely, extremely dirty. The cover had her with all kinds of stuff in her (green?) hair. There was also something about her never cleaning out her cauldron and her cave (I think, it might have been a house, but 75% sure it was a cave) was extremely messy. I don't think she was particularly great at witchcraft, and she was definitely looked down upon by her fellow witches.

I think she had a companion animal, but I'm not sure what kind. He was pretty dirty, or nasty looking as well.

There were several other witches as well, and I think all their companion animals reflected their personalities. They had a meeting with all the witches at some point.

All the witches were definitely portrayed pretty much traditionally, with the witch had and the brooms and the dark robes.

I don't remember anything from the plot alas. One of the reasons I really would love to find this, is because I suspect it was part of a series or a trilogy, but I never got to reading the other books (I think, might have read two, but not sure).

It wasn't a picture book, but it's possible there were illustrations, although I don't think so.

Unfortunately that's about all I remember.

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bookel | 2329 comments Pongwiffy series by Kaye Umansky?

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Jan (janoda) | 42 comments OMG those are totally the books! Do you know how many librarians I have bothered about this? THANK YOU SO MUCH

Now to move this to solved, and then to hunt down some copies.

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bookel | 2329 comments Fantastic! That was easy to find actually.

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bookel | 2329 comments http://www.worldcat.org/search?q=kw%3...
The search that found it, and saw green hair on covers on LT.

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Jan (janoda) | 42 comments ARGH, I never figured to search on WorldCat. I think because I originally read it in Dutch? So I didn't really associate it with English books, and I almost never use Worldcat for Dutch books.

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bookel | 2329 comments There's books of many languages on

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