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Note: There are limits on certain characters. However, things like civilians are endless.

Bethany Nightlock; Clan Leader of Lasombra; Samantha

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The Lasombra. The rulers and creators of the Sabbat who control the substance of shadows. Also known as the Clan of Night or the Keepers.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Can I make an assassin?

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Sure :)

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- awesome!(: I'll get started shortly

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 2 comments May I make a thief?

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May I make a witch?

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Sure :)

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мαr ♚ Hmmmmm.....may I have a......torturer?

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Sure I don't know who you would be able to torture though :)

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мαr ♚ Yeah me neither:) but it's worth a shot

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Lol okay

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Ivy if you want a prisoner, I can make one you can torture

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tori | 3 comments I was wondering if I could make an assassin and a thief?

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message 17: by tori (new)

tori | 3 comments Thankies :D And, I could also make a prisoner for you, Ivy!

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E Can I make an assassin/thief/adventurer that is half elf and half human? Can he have a dragon pet?

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