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You may create your own format and use it, but make sure everything below is included.

[Relationship Status]
(Ask before marrying/crushing on someone.)

[Occupation] (You must request one in the "request character" topic.)
[Family] (Ask someone if you'd like)

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[Name] Bethany Nightlock
[Age] 22 (Frozen)
[Gender] Female, but dominant
[Relationship Status] Married to Marco Nightlock
[Sexuality] Bisexual


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[Occupation] Clan leader of Lasombra

((The clan symbol))
[Species] Vampire
~ Her vampiric form
~ Sword dipped with a fire enchantment
~ A necklace that let's her stay in the sunlight, without harm for two hours

(Marco Nightlock, and maybe a daughter I don't care about the name :3 ))

[Things you should know] Beth isn't rather... a faithful wife. She tends to sneak off to towns and do things that is basic to vampires. She plays with her food then kills them. Leaving the bodies behind for their families. Hey! At least she gave them something left of there loved ones. :3

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The Phantom (zerosummations) [Name] Mateo Ilcivic
[Age] 19
[Gender] Male
[Relationship Status] N/A
Appearance: http://img003.lazyboys.info/people/cr...
[Occupation] Warrior
[Species] Human
[Personality] A man of honour - or, rather, a man of what he perceives as honour. He is fiercely loyal to those who earn his trust, and will show characteristics of goodness. He supports the weak and fights for those who find themselves defenceless. He resists temptation, living a Spartan life without comfort, and dedicated to the pursuit of justice and the perfection of his swordsmanship.
[Weaponry] A bastard sword.
[Family] None needed.

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I know it doesn't say any history but can you add a little something to it? It just looks plain...

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The Phantom (zerosummations) I haven't thought about history. Could do personality though...

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Okay that's good :)

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New Template

[Relationship Status] (Ask before marrying/crushing on someone.)

[Occupation] (You must request one in the "request character" topic.)
[Information about Character] (2+ sentences)
[Family] (Ask someone if you'd like)

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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "I rely on my instincts and intuition, and I feel it's so imperative for to people to follow not the path but their path"

Name: Arietta Lark Cwenhild d'Audrieu
» Alias: Aria, The Skylark
Arietta- The name is English in origin. Pronounced "Air-EE-ET-ah" or sometimes "Ah-REE-ETT-ah." The meaning of the name is 'little song.' In German, the name "Ari" means "Eagle."
Lark- Taken from the name of the songbird, which is derived from the Middle English larke, laverke (lark. The shortened version of Skylark
Cwenhild- English of origin, and it means "Battle Queen." Pronunciation is QUEEN-hild.

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Social Stratum: Assassin for hire, high class, sells makeup to royals
» Residency: Cerimbor, although she travels frequently for her work.

Age: 21

Ariette is not the kind of girl you will ever understand. She is hot one moment, and icy cold the next. And this is the way she has to be, her job requires it. She does not typically let others in to see the true side of herself.
But, there are a select few whom she does treasure. If you happen to get under Ariette's skin, she will react one of two ways. At first, she will push you away, sometimes even acting as if she does not know you. But, after a period of time, she will become fiercely protective. She will joke and tease with the best of them, but only with those she truly trusts.
She always lives her life to the fullest,not wanting to miss a single part of it because she knows how easily a life can be ended. When she is performing, she lets a little of her childish side out
Trait 1: Cold
Trait 2: Wary
Trait 3: Sarcastic
Trait 4: Protective
Trait 5: Strong

"I won't make a bucket list because I'm so afraid that I'll die and then people will find my bucket list and be, like, "Oh, she didn't get to do that.""


(view spoiler)
Height: 5'5
Weight: 107

Arietta has medium length hair, which she constantly dyes between a fiery red and a sunshine blonde. She dyes it frequently to help change her appearance. Her red hair is her natural colour, and is wavy.

Her skin is a milky pale, and soft as a baby. She appears to be ever effeminate in her skin, with tiny freckles dotting her nose and cheeks. But if one studies her palms and feet, they are covered in calluses.

Ariette usually keeps her eyes hidden, as they are very distinct. But, if you happen to catch a glimpse of them, you will be in awe. Her natural eye colour is an eerie purple, because she has something known as Alexandra's Genesis. Frequently, she wears colored dye in her eyes to hide her eye colour, for the obvious reason that is far to distinctive for her type of work. The dyes make them usually hazel with flecks of gold.

Body type:
She has the body of a dancer, with strong muscular legs and arms. But, she still appears very thin. Arietta is incredibly chest heavy, with large and voluptuous breasts. This is often to her benefit when luring her next victims.

Pitch of voice:
When speaking, her voice is very gravely, as if she were a smoker, but in an alluring way. It fits perfectly with her sarcasm.
But, when she sings, her voice is transformed into something utterly different, as if she were a siren. She has perfect pitch and can sing any note asked of her, no matter how high or low.

Distinguishable markings:
She has a tattoo on her back, which is very distinguishing. On her back she has two large wings, brown in colour, symbolizing the wings of a Lark.

Apparel, dress, and colors:
When she is performing, as in singing or dancing, she wears loose dresses, always white or silver in colour.
By night, when her real job kicks in, she wears leather. Brown or black leather pants and leather jackets, along with a violet mask to cover her eyes. She wears knee high riding boots, with good grip to help her climb.

Opening up: Arietta is not typically one for letting others in, and this can often become troublesome. She keeps her emotions and feelings bottled up, and eventually she will burst.
Trusting: The idea of trust is a ridiculous thing to Arietta. As an assassin, she has seen many bonds of trust broken. Brother turning on brother, wife on husband, etc. Because of this, she finds it extremely difficult to trust anyone.
Dr. Black: Dr. Black is the only family she knows and the central figure in her life. If he were to pass away, as he is likely to do in the relatively near future, she would completely shut down.
Family Settings: Arietta detests anything and everything that screams "family." She tries not to let it show, but she harbors a huge grudge against her bloodline. She hates her father who abandoned her and holds it against her mother for dying during labor. She acts out and snaps at many families in public, but when she is alone, she cries her eyes out because of it, sobbing silently.
Depression: Arietta suffers from a depression she does her best to hide. If one were to study her wrists close enough, the dark smile of scars would be lining them like bracelets. She often slices her wrists with her own assassin's blade, just to feel some small piece of the pain she inflicts on others.
Heat: Arietta overheats very easily. Some part of her body does not adapt quickly to temperature changes. If she doesn't get cooled down, she will become delirious and pass out.

Hand-to-hand combat: As part of her training, Arietta had five years of simply hand-to-hand training. Due to this, she is incredibly talented when it comes to fighting of all kinds, but specifically hand-to-hand
blending with the crowd: When she needs to, Arietta can disappear within a crowd in a matter of seconds. This is useful to her when she is avoiding assailants.
singing and dancing: Her assassin training has made Arietta very flexible. She uses this flexibility to her advantage. She often performs at pubs to make extra money.


Arietta Lark Cwenhild d'Audrieu was born on a dark, stormy night, a night where witch craft occurs and spells are cast. The kind of night where young humans can go out and never return. This was the night she was born into. And the night accepted her as one of its own.
Arietta's mother died in childbirth. Her named was Lynette. Her father could not handle raising a child who looked so much like his deceased wife that he abandoned her in an alleyway. It wasn't as if he wanted her to die so much that he was swallowed up by his own sorrows and was not sure what else to do.
And alone, in that alleyway, colicky as she was in her infant state, she did not cry or scream. She sat, breathing softly as the darkness was made to her home.
An older man, a man of the night himself, an assassin named Dr. Black, was walking by when he noticed her, bathed in a spotlight made by the moon. He picked up the newborn and brought her with him, naming her himself.
Dr. Black, known to her simply as "daddy," began training her as soon as she could take her first step. He had recognized her as a child of the night and knew she would grow to be an assassin as he had. Dr. Black was a man who believed very much in fate, and he knew Arietta had been given to him for some reason.
Arietta made her first kill at the age of seven. Dr. Black was given a job, one easy enough he though, for her to handle. The small girl made her way along the rooftops, bathed in moonlight, her hair which had never been cut by her adopted father, flowing out behind her as if she had a trail of fire. She flipped herself through a skylight in a large mansion, the home of someone she did not know and never would. She found the woman lying asleep in her bed, her husband sleeping with her. Thankfully enough, they were not intertwined. They slept beneath sheets of red, as if her body had already bled out. Arietta pulled a small, silver knife out of her boot and made the cut across her neck, quick and deep as she had been taught, severing vocal chords so no cries could be made. After that, she left a small bird feather behind, a token of her assassination, something Dr. Black had taught her to do. His symbol was a black rose, her would be a feather.
She stole her way home afterwords, not unafraid, but not terrified either. She returned to the home she shared with her daddy, nodding to say the job had been done. Then she went up to her room, heated herself a bath, and scrubbed herself clean. She heard someone enter the house, most likely to pay Dr. Black.
"Is the job done?" a raspy voice said, one she did not recognize.
"Just freshly finished." Dr. Black replied, and she could picture him in her black jacket, holding out his hand for the payment they had agreed upon. She heard the sound of a bag of money being thrown to his hand.
"Good." The voice said, "Because if I couldn't have her, then no one else could either."
Arietta froze in the bathtub, realizing what he meant, whom she had killed. An innocent woman, whom the mystery man had loved but could not possess.
She climbed out of the bath and wrapped herself in a robe, leaning against the wall, thinking.
This is how Dr. Black found her, three hours later.
"This is the darkness of our job,Arietta." He said softly and solemnly, "This is how we live. We cannot pick and choose our jobs, who we kill, why they are being killed. We only do what no one else can handle."he placed an old hand on her shoulder, "But you can handle it, daughter. You are a daughter of the night."
So Arietta continued her training, continued her killing. When she turned 19, the Dr. fell ill. She resumed all of their job, also performing in bars. By night, she would kill, leaving only her feather behind. She did everything she could to keep her father alive, buying the newest medicines and cures.
So far, he is still holding on. Arietta does not want to think of a day when he stops breathing and she is left to the darkness by herself.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Relation(s):
» Dr. Black - Adopted Father; 67;Former Assassin; very ill
» Lynette- Mother, deceased
-Father, unknown.
Part Two

.A dagger she keeps in her boot.
.Short sword she sometimes carries with her
.Throwing knives

Fighting Skill(s):
Trained in many styles in fighting, but her best is hand to hand

She has magic in her voice, but does not know it. Her voice is hypnotic, when she sings, and only when she sings

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There are no royals per say, but there are jarls, that rule a land/village

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- ok one sec I'll edit

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Yes approved.

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 3 comments Will create one soon..e

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Okay approved but only after you make a clear species tab saying that she is a wolf. :)

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Okay approved :)

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E (view spoiler)

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мαr ♚
First Name: Sayid (Muslim Name: in Muslim the name Sayid means: Master)
Middle Name: N/A
Last Name: Jarrah
Code Name: N/A
Occupation: Torturer
Species: Human
[image error]
Age: 27
Date of Birth: October 31st

Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin Tone: Deep Copper
Marks/Scars: Four claw marks down his back.
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 277.8lbs(pure muscle)
Hair Length: Rests on his shoulders
Face Claim: Naveen Andrews

Personality: Sayid has a very quick temper, and it's hard for him to control when someone is always bothering him. He loves to be the leader in things, and is good at being the head of a quest or adventure, yet, he can be very dangerous at times. Because of being a Torturer, Sayid doesn't want to have people be afraid of him, he is very open about what he is.

► Combat(Hand-on-hand or in the field)
► Putting things together after taking them apart
► Lying
[image error]

History: Sayid was born in Iraq, and was one of his fathers favorite sons, always doing the dirty work that his younger brothers wouldn't. One day when Sayid was young, his father wanted his youngest brother to kill a chicken, but the young boy wouldn't do it, so of course, Sayid stepped in. Taking the chicken from his brother and snapping it's neck, like their father had asked, and being praised for what he did. Eventually, as Sayid grew up, his younger brother did pass away, leaving him the oldest and now only child. Out of grief, Sayid joined the Navy, who had great interest in the fact that he would kill mercilessly, and gave him the job as the Torturer. Sayid did a very good job at the line of work he was given, getting every person that was sent to him to talk, and spill the secrets of their country.
[image error]
Family: All of them were killed in the war
Color--Forest Green
Activity--Practicing combat skills
Secrets: N/A
Future Plans:
--To return to Iraq

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