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Silver 15-year-old Jessica Day moves with her family to Bixby, Oklahoma after her mother gets a job offer at a high-tech aerospace company. Upon arriving in Bixby, Jessica discovers that she is a Midnighter and is thus able to enter the "Blue Time" - a secret hour hidden within the instant of midnight. Over the course of the trilogy, Jessica encounters other Midnighters whom she allies herself with. The protagonists in the trilogy are Desdemona (referred to as Dess), Rex, Jonathan, and Melissa. The antagonists of the series are the "Darklings and Slithers" - dangerous and powerful beings that created and live in the Blue Hour.

The setting -

The Midnighters trilogy is set mainly in the town of Bixby, Oklahoma, with reference to the nearby towns of Broken Arrow and Jenks. Particular reference is made to its latitude and longitude - 36°00′00″N 96°00′00″W / 36°N 96°W / 36; -96. It is implied that the Blue Hour only occurs in Bixby and the surrounding areas because 36 (as a multiple of 12) is a number strongly associated with the Darklings, as is 96, and the digits of these numbers added together is 24, another multiple of 12. In reality Bixby, Jenks and Broken Arrow are all real towns in Oklahoma, however they are not located in the formation described in the book, and the point 36 N, 96 W, located in a backyard in a Jenks subdivision, is not where it is described as being.

In the Midnighters Trilogy, individuals born at midnight are able to live within the Blue Time while in Bixby, Oklahoma. These individuals are referred to as "Midnighters". As well as the ability to travel within the Blue Time, each Midnighter is gifted with super-human abilities. It is implied in Blue Noon that a Midnighter's power will not work outside of Bixby, however this remains unconfirmed, as none of the Midnighters leave the town during the course of the trilogy. Alongside their superhuman abilities comes the disadvantage of being highly sensitive to intense light.

In The Secret Hour, it is revealed that prior to the current generation of Midnighters, there used to be a large collective of Midnighters who effectively ran the small town of Bixby in an attempt to protect it from the Darklings. The character Rex managed to deduce this from both historical accounts and "The Lore", notes made by previous Midnighters. However approximately fifty years before the beginning of the book, the lore ceased to be updated for unknown reasons. The disappearance of the previous generation of Midnighters remains a mystery until the second book Touching Darkness.

The Midnighters Trilogy features five main protagonists, all of whom are Midnighters. Despite all possessing the ability to pass into the Blue Time, they do not always work together - resulting from personal conflicts between members.

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Jessica Day

For the majority of The Secret Hour, Jessica's ability is unknown to any of the Midnighters. At the conclusion of the novel, it is revealed that Jessica is a "flame bringer", a rare talent that allows her to create fire and use electrical devices during the Blue Time. This makes her a valuable addition to the team, as she can use this ability to be a formidable opponent against the darklings, who fear light, fire and technology. Her first use of this power is a flashlight initially named Serendipitous. As both fire and technology can be used outside the blue time, Jessica's power is effectively useless in regular-time.

At the climax of Blue Noon Jessica uses her ability to harness the power of a lightning bolt to fight the Darklings. While this proves effective, wiping out the majority of the Darklings, it also has the side-effect of trapping Jessica within the Blue Hour.

Jessica is in a romantic relationship with Jonathan.

Jessica has red hair and green eyes.

Desdemona ("Dess")

Desdemona, called Dess for short, is a polymath, which means that she has an inherent aptitude for mathematics. Her skill with numbers is seemingly unparalleled. In the books, it is even suggested that ability is so extensive that she can process mathematical data at a greater rate than even a regular computer. Throughout the series she uses this ability to deduce the "shape" of the Blue Time, allowing her to predict abnormalities in the fabric of time and space within midnight. Along with her skill at mathematics, she is also easily able to locate and identify thirteen letter words. As a result, she is the group's expert on anti-darkling defence and weaponry. Des' power is useful in both the Blue Time and regular time.

She is the only Midnighter who is not dating someone, and although bothered by it, it doesn’t consume her.

Dess has an extreme dislike for Mindcaster, Melissa, whom is manipulative, nasty and bordering insane. This leads Des to constantly speak out against Melissa and constantly refer to her as “queen (edited out by Silver)”, both mentally and verbally.

Despite her tremendous abhorrence for Melissa, during a demonstration Melissa is giving with Rex’s mom's pink Cadillac in the secret hour during Blue Noon, Des considers how much she truly does not care for Melissa, but does not want her in the hospital, as her scars are scary enough as it is.

Rex Greene

Rex, a Seer, can read the lore, which is the history of all Midnighters in Bixby. During the day he wears glasses. Without them he can see the other midnighters and anything touched by Darklings or slithers in a strange focus, while everything else is blurry. Rex loses his need for glasses in "Blue Noon" after the Darklings turn him into one of them. He is the leader of the group and enjoys being in control.

After Rex is changed into a Halfling, he begins to struggle with the Darkling forces inside of him. When he returns to school he cannot help but view the other school mates as “delicious” looking and begins to view them as prey. During a pep rally when bully confronts Rex, the Darkling half of him takes hold and merely describes to the bully that he is a “weak” one, one that “they separate from the herd”. The Darkling in Rex is describing the ancient hunts that they used to go one hundreds of thousands of years ago when hunting human beings, and he begins to growl at the bully scaring him to such an extent that the bully cannot move and simply watches Rex walk away, stunned. Once he becomes a Halfling, Rex begins having dreams of the thousands of years before when the Darklings would hunt the humans. Also Rex finds himself hating and being incredibly uncomfortable around all human things and often describes things made by humans as “Clever”. “Clever numbers, clever languages, clever metals and plastics.” And he also longs to be away from these human things, and usually reverts to thinking about taking solace in a nice open field somewhere.

Melissa is his best and oldest friend, knowing her since age eight.

Over the course of the series, Rex and Melissa develop a romantic relationship.

Jonathan Martinez

Jonathan is an acrobat. During the Blue Time, Jonathan's personal gravity is reduced, increasing his jumping distance dramatically. Jonathan enjoys the freedom this allows him and, in turn, dislikes regular time. By making physical contact, Jonathan is able to share the effects of reduced gravity with both people and objects. Unlike the powers of Dess, Rex, and Melissa, Jonathan's acrobatic skills only function during the Blue Time. Because of this his movement back into real time is more physically intense, as he must readjust to regular gravity.

Jonathan is also the most reckless with his talent and inconsiderate at that. During Blue Noon when the school freezes, the Midnighters head outside to see what is going on when Jonathan begins using his skill, floating up to the school roof. After Dess and Jessica beg him to get down and Jessica jumps for his ankle, Regular time sets in once more and they both fall as gravity sets in, resulting in Jessica hurting her ankle.

Once more in the cafeteria, when Blue Time comes, Jonathan begins floating in his chair, much to the annoyance and dismay to the Midnighters, as Regular time could set in at any moment, leaving Jonathan to fall suddenly in his chair, and everyone would know that something was going on.

During Blue Noon, Jonathan quietly demonstrates much self-centeredness. When the Midnighters learn that on Halloween the Blue Time will last 24 hours, Jonathan thinks about how happy he is that he will have the ability to fly and use his powers for over a day, not taking into account how many people the Darklings would no doubt kill and eat while they are frozen during the Blue Time, and wishes that he could fly all of the time. Jonathan keeps his self-centered thinking to himself as it strongly conflicts with the morals of the other Midnighters.

Before the events of The Secret Hour, Jonathan rarely associates with any of the other Midnighters, due to a personality conflict with Rex.

Jonathan is in a romantic relationship with Jessica.

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Theres another girl in there group. I forget her name though.

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Silver Melissa

Melissa has the ability of "Mindcasting". As a mindcaster, she has the powers of telepathy and mental manipulation, which are active both in and out of the Blue Time. She likes the sensation of mind reading to the sense of taste, associating certain behaviours, moods and thoughts particular tastes. For most of her life this ability has proven to be problematic, as she had limited control over the thoughts that she read. This inability to control her power results in her reading the minds of all those within a certain proximity. Because of this, she often feels overwhelmed by the overpowering emotions of others. Melissa relishes her times spent in the Blue Time, as the only human thoughts she has to tolerate are those of the other Midnighters. There are a number of factors that can influence Melissa's mindcasting abilities, including but not limited to: proximity to the subject, physical contact, and wrinkles inherent within space and time.

Melissa's power of mental manipulation allows her to control the thoughts and actions of other individuals who she has touched. While it is possible for her to do this during regular time, she prefers to do so during the Blue Time, presumably because the subject cannot resist or know what is going on.

Melissa found Rex when she was 8, running through Bixby on her bare feet and in her Cowboy PJ's. Throughout the series Rex refers to her as "Cowgirl."

Later in the series Rex and Melissa become romantically involved. Melissa then begins to let Rex touch her which allows him to enter her mind and relieve the strenuous pressure caused by the thoughts of others.

It is revealed in the last chapter of "Blue Noon" that Melissa chooses to leave Rex in Bixby while she and Jonathan go to find the new midnighters of the world.

Melissa is often referred to as rude, uncouth, untrusting and generally nasty to everyone with the exception of Rex Greene, whom she is dating and has been sweet on for many years. Melissa has been described as “the (edited out by Silver) Goth girl”, and outside of the Midnighters, has no friends. While all of the Midnighters, except Rex, dislike Melissa and only tolerate her because she is useful, Dess is the one that strongly voices and speaks out against how manipulative and cold Melissa is.

One of Melissa’s abilities is what she calls, a “mind rip”. Melissa has the ability to enter someone’s psyche and forcing them to go insane, to the point where they cannot take care of themselves and are always left completely incompetent and insane, drooling on themselves.

Melissa is so disliked by the Midnighters that she is often referred to by them as “(edited out by Silver)”, or more frequently by Dess, “(edited out by Silver) goddess” for her extremely unlikable character and manipulative temperament. It is also hinted at that Melissa may be somewhat insane herself.

(Silver's note - Melissa is one of my favorite characters.)

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Silver ((I was running out of room, 8000 characters max.))

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The darklings, and their servants, slithers, are ancient creatures that were once the dominant species on the planet. Darklings come in many shapes and forms, and have the power to change their physical form at will, whereas slithers are generally serpentine in nature. As humans began to grow in intelligence they began hunting the darklings and slithers by exploiting their weakness to new concepts, such as mathematics and language (particularly the number "13" and words with 13 letters), light and heat, and new "technology". This technology consisted of anything crafted by humans. Initially simple objects such as stone spearheads were effective weapons against the Darklings, but as time progressed the Darklings adapted and grew immune to the effects of simpler technology. However humans continued to advance and began to forge weapons of other materials such as bronze and iron. As the balance of power began to shift in favour of humans, the Darklings created the Blue Hour to escape to by collapsing the twenty-fifth hour of the day.

At the time the novel begins, steel and other alloys, particularly newer and more advanced alloys, are the most common and effective tools used by Midnighters to combat darklings. The Midnighters use those things to defend themselves against the darklings. However, the metals they use must be untouched by darklings or slithers for them to be effective. To maximise the effectiveness of the Midnighters' weapons, they are often given names with 13 letters, or names with a number of letters equal to a multiple of 13, and are sometimes inscribed with certain patterns representing mathematical concepts. The names given to objects can only be used once, but the metal can be used several times, depending on how strong a darkling it was used against.

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lol. I love the midnighter books. The last one was really sad.

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Silver BOOK 1

15-year-old Jessica Day moves with her family to Bixby, Oklahoma after her mother gets a job offer at a high-tech aerospace company. Soon after the move, Jessica awakens to find time frozen, rain stopped in mid air. Although she thinks it is a dream, she is suspicious when she wakes to find her clothes wet. The next night, it happens again; leaving her room, she finds that her family is frozen, and the only other living thing is a cat, which leads her out of her house before transforming into a snake, revealing that it is really a slither and, with the help of more snakes and a darkling in the form large cat, attack her. Jessica is rescued by the "Midnighters": Dess, Rex and Melissa, who chase away the animals using thirteen letter words and steel.

The next day, they explain that in Bixby - and only Bixby, as far as they are aware - time freezes for an hour, and only the Midnighters - people born at the moment of midnight - can enter it. In this Secret Hour live creatures known as darklings, who hate people, and fear new inventions, like steel, and the number 13. It was the darklings who took one hour out of each 25-hour-day and hid inside it, where people couldn't get to them, and technology does not work. They also explain that each Midnighter has a special power - Dess is a polymath, Rex is a Seer and Melissa is a mindcaster. They don't know what Jessica's power is, except that it isn't the same as any of theirs.

The next midnight, Jonathan, a boy from Jessica's school, arrives outside her house, and takes her flying with him - he is an Acrobat, and in the Secret Hour gravity does not have a strong hold on him. He and Rex don't get along, and the other Midnighters avoid talking about him. After flying for most of the hour, the pair are chased by a darkling, and narrowly escape - only to be arrested by policemen enforcing Bixby's eleven o'clock curfew. Jessica is grounded for the rest of the month. Meanwhile, the Midnighters are becoming suspicious - why are the darklings, who normally avoid Midnighters, so intent on killing Jessica?

Rex decides to take Jessica out to the Snake Pit, a place the badlands, where he will be able to discover her power. Unfortunately, the badlands are also the home to the darklings. Dess sets up protection beforehand, and the Midnighters plan to be inside it before the Secret Hour arrives. However, they are all late, and rely on Jonathan to fly them inside the protection. The darklings are so desperate to attack Jessica that they suicidally attack the defences, weakening them considerably. Just before the defences collapse, Rex discovers Jessica's power is Flame-bringer, but none of the group know how they can make a fire. As the defences are breached, Jessica realises that this means she can bring technology to the Secret Hour because she realizes her watch is working. She uses a flashlight to kill the darklings, and the Midnighters leave safely.

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Silver BOOK 2

Touching Darkness begins shortly after The Secret Hour finishes. It starts with Jessica meeting Johnathan in the secret hour. As they return home, Johnathan discovers a 'stiff' - non-midnighter - outside Jessica's house, taking multiple exposures of her window across midnight. Meanwhile, Dess has been having strange dreams, which have led to some theories about co-ordinates affecting the secret hour. She discovers a GPS co-ordinate finder in her father's map drawer, and begins to use it to map the secret hour.

Investigating Jessica's stalker, Melissa overhears someone thinking about Jessica. She and Rex visit his house in the secret hour and discover people there are using dominoes with lore symbols on them to communicate with the darklings at midnight, with the help of a 'halfling' - a girl who has been merged with a darkling. Melissa discovers that the halfing is sick, and that the darklings will soon try to take Rex, another Seer, to replace her. They steal some of the dominoes so that the darklings will not be able to communicate about the midnighters to their human allies. They also find that the house belongs to Ernesto Grayfoot - a cousin of Jessica's friend Constanza, who says that even though her grandfather used to live there, he left nearly fifty years ago - around the time the midnighters seem to have disappeared from Bixby - and now the rest of her family avoid the town at all costs - her father was even cut off for moving there.

Meanwhile, Dess discovers a house in which another midnighter - Madeline - has lived hidden for nearly fifty years. Madeline explains that fifty years ago, when the town's population boomed suddenly, someone let out the secret of the midnighters to an outsider - Constanza's grandfather - who learned how to communicate with the darklings, and got rich doing their bidding. The darklings used him to kill off the midnighters, leaving only the new, younger generation, who were seen as harmless with no-one older to teach them. They also made the halfling using a young girl called Anathea, to communicate with the darklings better. She also explains that her house is in a contortion in the secret hour which hides her, and that Dess must keep the knowledge of it hidden from the others, so that the darklings do not find it.

After ransacking Constanza's house, the midnighters learn that the darklings are trying to prevent a new runway being built outside Bixby. From Madeline, Dess learns that she needs to get Jessica's help in scouring the site of the runway with light; it is the only place halflings can be made, and light will destroy it. However, before she manages it, Rex is kidnapped. Dess draws a map to where they will find him, then suppresses the memories using a trick Madeline taught her so that Melissa will not learn about Madeline from her mind. However, Melissa suspects Dess is hiding something, and touches her, giving herself full access to Dess's memories. She learns about Madeline, and Dess begins to resent her for the intrusion on her privacy.

When the secret hour begins, Johnathan, Melissa, Jessica and Dess are only a mile from the spot Rex has been taken, but Melissa is injured when she continues through the windshield when the car stops abruptly at the start of the secret hour. Jessica and Johnathan go ahead and find Anathea, freed from the darkling, who tells them that Rex is already a halfling. Luckily, they catch up with him, and Jessica uses her torch to burn away the darkling flesh, making him (mostly) human again. They return to Anathea, who dies from the darkness after Johnathan grants her last wish to fly again. They leave her in front of the Grayfoots, along with a message spelled out in English: 'You're next'.

Finally, Madeline introduces herself to all of the midnighters - as soon as Melissa knew about her, the darklings could read it from her mind. She begins to teach Melissa how to mindcast properly. Meanwhile, Rex is struggling to come to terms with his enhanced abilities; his time as a halfling has left him with the darkling's ability to sense human thoughts and emotions, as well as a desire to hunt.

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Silver Caitlin wrote: "lol. I love the midnighter books. The last one was really sad."

((I know, I was really sad about the ending... I want to re-read them - in order, this time.))

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Silver BOOK 3

(Silver's note - sorry this one isn't very descriptive, but it's been so long since I read the books that I can't really add to it...)

When time freezes in the middle of the day, during a school pep rally-the Midnighters have a problem. The secret hour is slowly making its way into the real world. The last book in the midnighters trilogy is all about the adventure of trying to keep the secret hour in the secret hour. The Midnighters begin to experience the secret hour more and more frequently during daylight hours. To make matters worse, Rex's darkling side cannot always control itself, and may be becoming stronger. By using Madeline and other resources, the Midnighters find out that on the night of Samhain (Halloween), the Secret Hour will expand, and more of the Earth will be sucked up. This is because there is a "rip" in true midnight, which allows non-midnighters to slip into the blue time, that is expanding like a seam in fabric. While trying to keep people out of these dangerous zones, Jessica has some trouble with her curious little sister Beth. True midnight (usually confined to the secret hour) will last for the whole day, and all humans and creatures within it will be awake, no longer 'stiff'. This will allow the darklings to feast once again upon the creatures of day-unless the five teens find a way to stop it from happening.

(Silver's note - I got all this stuff from Wikipedia, btw.)

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oooo, sounds good

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Silver yep :)

If you don't mind the occasional bad word...

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nah, i read the Marked series and after that nothing is that bad

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Silver Never heard of it.

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its really good, it's a vampire book

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Silver hmm... idk if I want to read it though, judging from what you just said... BRB

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Zunpip I just finished reading the first midnighters book yesterday!!!! me so happy.

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Silver yay!!

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