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Dates for the ball! Also Date requests

Official Dates

-Emperess Meiling Lixue Jiliang Zhong Ren Shang Zi Zhao Wong of China is going with Aleksandr Oflorsky of Russia.
-Lord Giuliano and Lucinda (Emma's and Lacey's Characters)
-Francis and Bata
-Arceniel and Frederick
-Ericka and Arion
-Daniella and Markus
-Michael and Leyla
-Annie and Luke (Baker Boy)
-Miss Lissy and Matthew
-Alexander and Sophia...(maybe)
-Ana and Thomas (maybe)
Priness Angelika and Dimitri

Needs a Date

-Ebony (Lily's Character)


-Duchess Dr. Adelaide Rose Alfreda Wilhelmina Victoria Harrington Rockshire of England is acting as a chaperone.
-Language Teacher, Marsilio Goode

Violetta (Emma's Character)

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Angela (skies) My character Sarolina is going alone to the ball (sorry if i commented if i wasnt supposed to)

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ Ana and Hunter are going to go together

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