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Name: Jazmine Izabella Recadro
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Faction of Origin Candor

Written Description
hair color: Black
eye color: Brown
weight: 135
skin tone: Tan
Distinguishable marking:

personality: She is the strictest Candor ever. But she feels Candor spends to much time on honesty and not enough on education. Her parents feel she should stay in Candor, but she wants to be Erudite. She tries to be perfect for her parents, but they argue constantly. She's really energetic and hyper. But she knows when to be calm and quiet. Her personality is a strange combo of Erudite, Candor, and Dauntless.

Mother Kimberly Anita Recadro-46-Kimberly's very truthful and very caring.
Father: John Creighton Recadro-47- John is kinda paranoid and very caring.
Sister:-Younger- Margarita Eliza Recadro-8-Margarita is very caring and sweet, but very innocent.

History She was born on July 21. Her parents thought she was a boy, so they were going to name her Jett. She was born 3 weeks premature, so her lungs are a tiny bit smaller than they should be. Her sister Margarita was born 3 years later. Jazmine actually had a baby brother, born 2 years after Maragarita, but he died because of heart complications. Herr mother was never the same and neither was her father. They both hold onto their two children tightly. Kimberly is actually pregnant with another boy.


-chocolate cake

-bees and wasps



Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrow/knives

Faction they want to go to: Erudite
Aptitude test result to be filled in later
to be filled in later
divergent: yes
other: She has a huge pet peeve-tapping. She can sing really well. She's a bookaholic.

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I promise I'll work on it.

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please finish asap

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Sorry! D:

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It's fine

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Each family member needs an age, she needs an age, her personality should better fit amity lifestyle, they are calm and kind, she wouldn't be good at or enjoy fighting

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Also you need her age and to change the spelling of amity

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Ok last thing, initiates are 16 so change her age

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Fine. DONE!

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