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message 1: by Daphne (new)

Daphne | 65 comments Hey! Does anyone know of any books with funny, street-smart petty thiefs? Carecters (sp?)like the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist and Aladdin from, well, Aladdin. Thanks!

message 2: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6980 comments Mod
Dodger (you need to understand British humour to get this one--but even if you don't totally understand it, you should still enjoy it.)

Villains by Necessity

message 3: by HeavyReader (new)

HeavyReader | 450 comments Fingersmith by Sarah Waters


message 4: by Daphne (new)

Daphne | 65 comments Thanks so much :-)

message 5: by Peter (new)

Peter Meilinger | 475 comments The Hot Rock by Donald Westlake is the first in a series about John Dortmunder. In this first book, he and his cohorts have to steal the same jewel six times. Dortmunder and his crew aren't really petty thieves - they tend to perform some really big jobs - but the attitude is very similar, and they're well worth reading.

The Sorcerer's Widow by Lawrence Watt-Evans is a fantasy book. The main character is the sidekick of a petty thief and con-man who's not nearly as smooth and smart as he thinks he is. They hear that a sorcerer who lives outside the city has died, so they set off to swindle her out of the valuable magic items the sorcerer left behind. How hard could it be, right? It's not really a funny book, but it's fairly light-hearted and a quick read.

message 6: by Daphne (new)

Daphne | 65 comments Peter wrote: "The Hot Rock by Donald Westlake is the first in a series about John Dortmunder. In this first book, he and his cohorts have to steal the same jewel six times. Dortmunder and his crew ..."

Thanks so much :-) they sound awesome.

message 7: by Joseph (last edited May 07, 2014 06:35AM) (new)

Joseph  (bluemanticore) | 441 comments I second the recommendation of Dodger. If you do like Dodger, you will probably also like Mister Creecher by Chris Priestley.
I don't know if this one will interest you, but just in case, Touch of a Thief by Mia Marlowe is a historical fiction paranormal romance that stars a jewel thief that gets visions from the jewels she steals. It's the first in a trilogy.

message 8: by Daphne (new)

Daphne | 65 comments To: Joseph

Thanks so much! The first two look so cool!

message 9: by Jason (last edited May 16, 2014 03:40PM) (new)

Jason (jdplusg) | 11 comments The Gentleman Bastard series by Scott Lynch is one of my all time favorite series. Definitely "funny, street-smart petty thiefs" that without spoiling any of the books, get VERY good at what they do. The series starts with The Lies of Locke Lamora

message 10: by Sidsel (new)

Sidsel Varmark | 32 comments I really like Heist Society and the two following books by Ally Carter. They are about a group of teenagers from a family of thieves and con-artist.
I really like how the plans are described in detail except for the most important part so even though you think you know what will happen you still get surprised. And also the way the teenagers win over adults is nice. Plus romance.
Nothing too heavy, just a nice up-beat book.

message 11: by Daphne (new)

Daphne | 65 comments Omg, thanks so much. Those books look solo cool :-)

message 12: by Ivy (new)

Ivy | 6 comments The Thief Lord Two orphaned brothers, Prosper and Bo, have run away to Venice, where crumbling canals and misty alleyways shelter a secret community of street urchins. Leader of this motley crew of lost children is a clever, charming boy with a dark history of his own: He calls himself the Thief Lord.

message 13: by Daphne (new)

Daphne | 65 comments thanks Ivy! That looks so cool.

message 14: by Nova (new)

Nova | 32 comments Fly by Night and its sequel Fly Trapare about a con artists named Eponymous Clent and a tough misfit girl called Mosca Mye They end up in several heists in a sort of dystopian medieval society and are inadvertently involved with revolutions in two cities.

message 15: by Daphne (new)

Daphne | 65 comments Thanks :-) Those look great

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