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In your opinion what defines a good book? Is it memorable characters, a moving...?

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What makes a book good? Is it memorable characters, a moving or complicated plot, characters or a story you can relate to, those can't put down novels...please ramble! :D

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Bevin (seawingsreader) | 7 comments For me, there are different types of good books. Some books I call candy books. Those are usually fast paced like many of the YA books I've been reading. Then there are certain authors that write fantastic mysteries and I cannot wait for the next book. Then there are the novels (Fannie Flagg, Barbara Kingsolver, Mitch Album, Umberto Eco...) that just seem to bring meaning into the mysteries of my life. I love dystopian/ post-apocalyptic books that have a reasonably plausible premise with not a lot of lovey-dovey romance.

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