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New authors vs. established writers

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How likely are you to choose a novel from a totally unknown writer over those of an author whose work you have heard of but not necessarily read?
I joined Goodreads because I felt this community of readers would be more willing to explore uncharted waters and I have to say I have enjoyed finding works which are fresh and new.
So, does an author's track record have any bearing for you? Or are you swayed by cost, blurb, cover...?
And if you find an unknown author you really like, does that enhance the experience for you?

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Bevin (seawingsreader) | 7 comments I'm willing to read debut authors or authors I haven't come across before. The hard thing for me is to review a book and not be able to finish it or find it something I just can't connect with. As far as I'm concerned anyone who can write a book is better than I could ever write myself.

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