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A Demon in Love by Holley Trent Holley Trent
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Genre: Paranormal romance (spicy)

A Demon in Love

Book Description:

Charles Edison has spent most of his 123 years courting women for Hell. As a faithful son of the demon Gulielmus, he’s never known true affection for women. Which is funny, seeing as how he’s descended from a love god on his mother’s side. Now that he sees his brother falling head over heels, Charles wants the same for himself. He wants to belong to someone.

The Fates conspire to right old wrongs, and Charles learns the woman destined for him is one he shouldn’t want. Marion Wilder’s family has been on the supernatural Most Wanted List for twenty-five years because they were responsible for the demise of a demon. Gulielmus would kill her if he had the chance.

But Marion’s the only human woman Charles can touch without harming. She’s his one chance at having a normal life and a real family, and he would give up anything to keep her. Even his father’s favor.

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hIpnoticraQs (raqnbelly) I would like to read and review this book mobi

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sent in your request

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Arya (aryafangirllexicon) I would love to have the opportunity to read and review this book. mobi

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Medavis66 | 94 comments I would like to read an review this.

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sent in your requests

Naturalbri (Bri Wignall) (naturalbri) | 33 comments I would like to review this.

ePub please

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Medavis66 | 94 comments I enjoyed this book. A group of Incubus brothers that basically band together for love and family. Who'd a thunk it? Made for a fun story. The twists to the family tree(s) in this novel make it all that more captivating. I really liked Charles. Marion was also quite spunky, which is a plus when one falls in love with a demon trying to be good. I look forward to reading more involving this expanding family group.

ARC provided in exchange for honest review.

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Arya (aryafangirllexicon) Hi I posted my review on Friday and forgot to add it here sorry
Blog Review

Goodreads Review
Thanks so much for letting me read your book!

I also posted a review on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

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Voidvamp Epub please

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Amy H (twinypa) this thread is closed sorry :(

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