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Which quotes from ARTEMISIA would you like to see in ARTEMISIA-the-movie?
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Hi everyone

I would love it if you would help me with picking the best lines to include in a film-script of Artemisia. If something resonated with you or made you laugh, or you simply think I'd be daft not to include a particulr phrase...please let me know!

Many thanks

DG Rampton

P.S. this is an ongoing project!

The exchange between Artemisia, Lady Lubriot and Aunt Ophelia about walking down St James St was very good:

“But I beg you remember,’ said her ladyship, turning back to Artemisia, ‘not to walk down St James’s Street.’ ‘Yes, I know: it would be a moral hazard to my reputation,’ said Artemisia, reciting what she had been taught. ‘Though why people should make such a fuss over a lady being ogled by the gentlemen in St James’s Street is beyond me. Debutantes are paraded in front of those very same gentlemen to be ogled at in every other setting and no one has any objections to that practice! Rather than having to go through a whole Season to catch a husband, it would be far quicker if each girl was walked up and down St James’s, whirled around so she could be seen from all angles and auctioned off to the highest bidder. Why, St James’s could become the Tattersall’s of the marriage mart!’ Lady Lubriot choked on what sounded suspiciously like a laugh, and then tried to recover the situation by looking stern. ‘Chérie!’ she exclaimed. ‘You must never – never! – voice that particular notion of yours in public.’ ‘Tattersall’s?’ repeated Aunt Ophelia

D.G. Rampton I'm so glad you chose that one! It's one of my favourites. Thanks Tracy, appreciate the feedback. ...more
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