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Open Road Media (openroadmedia) | 37 comments Mod
Happy May Day, Retro Readers!

Spring is in full bloom, and we are so excited to announce that our romance list is undergoing a serious spring renewal. As you may have heard, we recently acquired the ebook publisher E-Reads—a deal that brought more than two hundred fifty new romance ebooks into the Open Road catalog.

While it took some time for us to whittle down the list of great options and select just one, we decided to go with a clear fan favorite from Janet Dailey.

No Quarter Asked follows Stacy, a young woman whose father’s passing causes her to seek refuge in a secluded cabin in Texas to collect herself and plan her next move. But when arrogant rancher Cord Harris urges her to go back to the city, her resolve to stay only grows—along with her reluctant attraction to Cord, whom she initially hated.

Let's get into it! First, have any of you read anything by Dailey before? If so, what did you read?

As you begin reading, how do you think the setting affects the story's romance? Are you drawn to Cord immediately, or more reluctant?

Stay tuned for more discussions throughout the coming months—this pick will bring us into July!


Ionia (readfulthings) | 9 comments I liked Cord a lot from the very beginning. It was actually Stacy that I was more reluctant about as it seemed she wasn't certain what she wanted until well into the story. I definitely think I struggled a little with the setting, as western lifestyle is certainly not something I am used to.

You can find my review here:

NomdePlumePress | 25 comments Just finished. I think this was my first Janet Dailey, although I have a vague recollection of sneaking one of my mom's a long, long time ago.

I think I need to think about this a bit, because my immediate reaction is that I didn't actually know Cord enough to be drawn to him, immediately or ever. But he did make me a little crazy. Like the fact that he made all these broad-sweeping cliché assumptions about Stacy without knowing anything about her (although that letter didn't help). Although - ugh, Stacy...she always had some lame-ass reason for not disavowing him of these false notions, like, "he already believes so firmly what he wants, so why bother protesting?"

Sorry. I definitely need to mull it over a bit. But when she realized she loved him, my reaction was, "Did I miss something?"

The role of the setting in the romance was just another means of highlighting Cord's ridiculous narrow-mindedness, I found. Stacy loved where she was, and I loved it through her, but Cord just assumed it was hell on earth for her and didn't bother to see otherwise (and she loves him why?), and so for him setting was a deal-breaker. I loved the way the setting came through, though. My absolute favourite part of the book was the cattle drive. It was fascinating! And I really admired Stacy's character then.

My review will come soon, after I've simmered down a bit. Cord! *shakes fist*


Julie  (gpangel) My review is up at The Book Review at

It's funny about we all perceive books in our own way. I didn't really like Cord and just couldn't get past it. Stacy didn't get on my nerves as much because Cord was a ***hole. Sorry. I agree with Lila. How on earth does someone fall in love with a man that treats you so bad?
Shakes head.

Andrea Guy (achickwhoreads) Better late than never. Didn't like either character much. Cord was a bully and Stacy was a bit too wimpy for me. And yikes, why didn't she just go off with Carter?

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