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message 1: by Eduardo (new)

Eduardo Suastegui (esuastegui) What ruins a TV show for me the quickest? Campy dialog intermingled into a dark or suspensful subject. A few shows do it right, but most come across as levity thrown in for the sake of comforting the audience for fear they will over-stress with all the suspense and killing and all.

Example: Intelligence (CBS). I generally like this show. It has a strong concept/premise, generally good plotting and character development... interrupted when anyone (and I mean anyone -- this isn't just one character being his/her usual funny self) switches off into comedian mode.

It occurs to me this sort of cleverness can also ruin the dialog or interactions in a novel or short story. I'd be interesting in seeing what readers and authors here think about this.

message 2: by Arabella (new)

Arabella Thorne (arabella_thornejunocom) | 354 comments Anything forced into a story stands out like a pimple. So, if the dialogue is overdone that's just something for people to latch onto as making the book an unhappy read. I love snappy dialogue....if the story calls for it. I love snarky dialogue if the story calls for it. But if the story doesn't need it it just ruins the flow for me

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael | 29 comments Sometimes Stephen King's dialog gets a bit campy. Dreamcatcher, novel and movie, was hard to take seriously.

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