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Looking forward to this book!

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Mike Smith Kirsty-Anne,

I read and reviewed Saturdays at the Viper Rooms for Fictional BookHos and I simply loved it. I cannot wait until this book comes out. Please keep me and the group in mind when you start thinking about ARCs. I'd love to promote the series for you in our book group. We currently have over 8000 members and we're still growing. Who knows how many members we'll have by September?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the first book, and how much I'm looking forward to the second book.

Thanks and take care.


message 2: by Kirsty-Anne (new)

Kirsty-Anne Still Hey Mike!

My street team have done really well at posting - I even prompted them to post in Fictional BookHos as your review is one that really stuck with me. Truly blew me away!

Southern Belle Book Blog have offered to help with cover reveal (which I'll be getting next month) and the ARCs... The book has been complete for almost two weeks, so it'll be ready well before schedule! I really hope this - and book three! - won't disappoint you!

And I would love for you to help promote the series as I don't seem to gather much attention. The book got more attention from bloggers who received ARCs and people who know me than anything else, so it kind of flopped! Hoping it's because it's book one in a series!

Thanks again,


Mike Smith Nice hearing from you Kirsty. I'm sorry if the first book was not a huge success. It certainly deserves to be read and enjoyed by a lot of people.

I do think that it being the first of a series probably did hurt it some. I know a lot of people refuse to start a series if the entire thing has not yet been published. To be honest, I kind of feel the same way. If I had not been reading it for Fictional, I probably wouldn't have picked it up either. At least not until all the books were available.

I will be happy to do what I can to push both books in our group. I would recommend you speak to the group admins, Clair Lamb, Paige Rymer or Kimmy Brown, you are welcome to tell them I suggested it. With my support, I think we can push both books in the group, perhaps with a review and cover reveal of our own? We might even be able to spotlight it as our Book of the Week.

I wish you luck with the new book, and I hope you don't get discouraged. You are definitely a talented writer, I just think we need to help people become aware of that fact.

Take care.


Mike Smith By the way, you can reach the Fictional BookHos admins at Paige Rymer said she would fill out the ARC sign up form. Thanks!

message 5: by Kirsty-Anne (new)

Kirsty-Anne Still I hadn't seen this, so I'm so sorry for the delay in replying. I feel awful for leaving it sat there!

Mike Smith you are an absolute diamond! This all sounds so fantastic, I will definitely contact one of those ladies and get the ball rolling. I'll drop your name in and see where we go from there!

I'll try not to get discouraged too much! I just need to remember it'll happen. I have the book 2 coming out, book 3 is in the works and so is a standalone novel, so it's all good things right now, for definite!

After book 2 and 3 the series is complete. There will be books around it, but none that involve the plot running through the books now.

I look forward to your continual support with this. You've definitely given me a boost!!

Thanks again!


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