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Tris and Four(Tobias)

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Anna Mackleod I think that this is the best fictional couple this year. What do you think? Does anybody else want Tobias "Four" as much as I do?

Tris prior i really liked him too, but with alot of characters they were kinda changing personalities, maybe its because the 2nd and 3rd book wasnt that good, (sorry if you liked the book)

Ninjainpajamas I liked his character a lot initially but by the third book he just became so whiny and insecure about the whole genetics thing and that really put me off because he actually seemed pretty normal to me!

Tana Lovegood of Dumbledore's Army✞~ Rogers/America Any ship names for them??

Ninjainpajamas Tribias is the only thing that comes close to normal...They should just be called Fortress (four+tris)

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Molly Selman I think it's super unrealistic that he's supposed to be a virgin.. He's too hot.

Jesse Im not hot and im not a virgin, Four is the man!

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