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message 1: by Aston-paige (new)

Aston-paige Douglass | 5 comments Hey! So I've got 4 of the free galaxy chocolate kindle books, but have only just looks on the website ( and found out that there's only 10 books to choose from and have no idea which to get!! If anyone's read any of them can you suggest them and tell me if they were any good please? The list is:
• A Day At The Office
- Matt Dunn

• Dear Lupin
- Charlie Mortimer & Roger Mortimer

• Sharp Objects
- Gillian Flynn

• I Heart New York
- Lindsey Kelk

• The Longest Holiday
- Paige Toon

• In The Land Of The Long White Cloud
- Sarah Lark

• The Misremembered Man
- Christina McKenna

• Agatha Raisin: Hiss and Hers
- M.C Beaton

• The Sisterhood
- Helen Bryan

• Sweet Temptation
- Lucy Diamond

Thankyou :) xxx

message 2: by N (new)

N | 13 comments I bought and read sweet temptation by Lucy diamond from the galaxy promotion. I really enjoyed it and as a 14 year old I think it was quite age appropriate and not dark and twisted like some of the otheres seemed. Definitely recommended, hope this helps x

message 3: by Aston-paige (new)

Aston-paige Douglass | 5 comments Thankyou so much! I'm gonna get that now!!x

message 4: by N (new)

N | 13 comments Glad I could help, definitely a great book in my view! Comment what you thought of it once you've finished and we can chat about it :)

message 5: by Paige (new)

Paige Preston (paigerhiannon) | 5 comments I've not read it personally but 'I heart New York' is supposed to be good^.^

message 6: by Aston-paige (new)

Aston-paige Douglass | 5 comments Okay so I've downloaded:
• Sharp Objects
• The Longest Holiday
• I Heart New York
• Sweet Temptation

I'm gonna save them for my two week holiday to in Portugal in August so I've got something to read as I don't like taking paper or hard backs as lat time the spine melted on one of my books :/ pages were falling out everywhere! I got these as I've read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and loved it, Sweet Temptation because "N" suggested it, I Heart New York because "Paige Preston" suggested it, and The Longest Holiday because I recently got Giovanna Fletcher's new book and on the front is a small quote by Paige Toon!!

Once I've read all the books I'll let you know what I thought of them!! :)

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