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message 1: by Sarbi (last edited May 01, 2014 08:42AM) (new)

Sarbi | 172 comments On here you can disscus the other monthly group reads winner. Again beware of spoilers (if it´s a major spoiler please hide it so other people have the choice) if you haven´t read it, have fun posting you thoughts, likes, favorite characters, non favorite etc.

message 2: by Sonya (new)

Sonya Heaney | 57 comments I hope everybody read Alpha & Omega before they read this! The whole story of the two main characters getting together is in the introductory novella!

message 3: by Sonya (new)

Sonya Heaney | 57 comments I first read this book in 2009, and finally reread it a few days ago (completely by coincidence – I didn’t know about the group read!).

This and the Mercy Thompson series are probably my two favourites in the paranormal/urban fantasy genres. I’m not going to say anything detailed, just that I hope everyone loves the book as much as I do (and reads the novella first!).

message 4: by Moonlight (new)

Moonlight | 32 comments I really like this series. I was glad to hear that Patricia Briggs is going to publish as least one more book in the Alpha and Omega series. Dead Heat is expected in the Spring of 2015.

It's so sad that it takes her a year to write a book I read in 2 days.

message 5: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Basile (ahunsicker) | 274 comments I bet it takes longer to get it edited and published than to write it... I'd wager they could pop out those books in 4-6 months if they wanted to... lol

message 6: by Vera (new)

Vera Maslow Love Patricia Briggs. I did enjoy this series. I really felt like you really do need to read Alpha & Omega also found in On the Prowl before reading Cry Wolf. It felt like that was the first few chapters of this book.

message 7: by Ticaboo (new)

Ticaboo | 1 comments I definitely will take the advice given and read alpha and omega. I can definitely tell this storyline is picking up off another book but so far I have enjoyed what I read!

message 8: by Samirah (new)

Samirah | 3 comments I liked Mercy Thompson's series better than this one.
Its more of a PNR than Urban fantasy.
Its sort of irritating why a female protagonist is rape victim in ever other book these days.

message 9: by Barbara (last edited May 22, 2014 01:06PM) (new)

Barbara | 1 comments I started with Alpha & Omega and I really liked it! It was fast paced and full of promise. Off to a good start, or so I thought.. I could not bring myself to finish Cry Wolf and called it quits at chapter 9 when I felt that - again - long, slow paragraphs of Asil's thoughts and memories were forced fed down the reader's throat. I'm sorry, but combined with the fact that Cry Wolf was slow to begin with, I lost my interest. I guess I need more action in my books. On the plus side: I loved Anna and Charles as a match.

message 10: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 315 comments I had picked up this book before i joined here but hadn't gotten round to reading it yet. I was reluctant because i didn't think it was going to as good as the Mercy books but at the same time i wanted to know more about Anna.
I've just read it now.
I didn't like it as much as i liked the Mercy books as it happens. I felt it was a little to slow to start with and i was a little confused as to whether it was the first or the second book to beginning with probably because we don't get to read what happened to her and how Charles saved her. Plus im not quite getting the Mate Bond thing, i feel like i should have got to read that from his point of view as he realised Anna was his Mate to fully get it. How can he just go; wow look at her and ohh shes my Mate. Don't think the concept of an Omega was explained properly. I would have trouble explaining that to anyone based on what i read in Alpha and Omega. I didn't like the different points of view though i realised it was to help explain the story, i think it just made the end easier to guess.
It was an alright book as an opener, i recall i wasn't entirely sold on the Mercy series until book 2 or 3 so i shall give Anna a few more books to see if she's anymore interesting. ;-)

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