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So were sure everyone heard about the lack of diversity on the BookCon panel for the superhero authors of kid lit.

While there isn't a question that these authors they've chosen to represent the powerhouses of kid lit, what brought out the outrage was it's lack of representation from disabled, people of color, women, glbtq, or pretty much anything that isn't a middle aged able bodied white guy.

The outrage hasn't made national headlines, but social media needs people's help!

The We need diverse books campaign is trying to make headlines by everyone heading on over, following their instructions and following, sharing, retweeting, reposting, and getting the word out on your blog or social networks!

Whether it's your own posts in your own words why you feel diversity is important, be sure to share it and promote it any way you can!

Head on over to the official tumblr page for more details!

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Thelonious Legend (notuagain) | 27 comments Happy to participate and do my part.

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Shomari Black | 1 comments I'm so glad this is happening

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Jerry Craft (jerrycraft) | 13 comments I'm definitely doing my part. Especially being a writer of superhero kid lit. But what do I know?

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Thelonious Legend (notuagain) | 27 comments Free YA Sci-Fi novel for girls of color starting tomorrow!

The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears (thefountainpendiva) | 115 comments Thelonious wrote: "Free YA Sci-Fi novel for girls of color starting tomorrow!

Ooh, definitely going to check this out!

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Thelonious Legend (notuagain) | 27 comments Thanks to everyone that downloaded the book! We hit over 400 downloads yesterday! The giveaway is still going on today and tomorrow so please share with friend and family. Thanks again! I really do appreciate it!

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Thelonious Legend (notuagain) | 27 comments This is the last day of free downloads and we have hit over 800! Thanks so much for everyone who downloaded the book and shared with friends!

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