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What do you think your Personal Legend is?

I'm an environmentalist - educator, researcher, motivator, dreamer. I have not reached my destination yet, but I am enjoying the journey.

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To be a better person tomorrow than I was yesterday.
To be informed. I don't want ignorance to cloud my judgement.
And to try to make a difference everywhere I can.


My personal legend is Happinesses across the globe. Despite numerous wrongs, there is a hope of Happiness as good people still live and they tolerate each other as human beings and helps each other of being as human being. They don't mind religious beliefs, castes or colours, boundaries or cultures of others.
I want to see happiness all around with respect for each other and I believe that each one of us can play OUR role instead of wasting time in criticising others for doing wrong, we need to play our part of good and avoid wrong.

My legend is to write books to encourage women such as myself, who got a late start, to do the things they have always dreamed of doing.

I'm in my 30s and I don't really know what my legend is yet. I think I'm a hopeless case XD

Susan Ouch. May I gently suggest 'late bloomer' instead of 'hopeless' and maybe a few rounds of the Dixie Chicks' 'The Long Way Around' :).

Many of us take a
Jun 27, 2014 06:02PM

That's quite an idea. Actually finding personal legend is as important as is to relate ourselves with the legends of others. Life can be enjoyed by our own standards, but to make the life really enjoyable, our standards must grow up.

On this subject, maybe you appreciate my new book 'Life will Smile at You'. It's available on goodreads.

My personal legend is becoming the strongest version of myself.

I would hope it is, I saw people for their worth, uniqueness and encouraged them to Live Out Loud! Therefore my Personal Legend can be I cared, inspired and hopefully helped advance a person's happiness and fulfillment. So Mote it Be. P.S. And oh! A good laugh, yes, I hope when I leave this plane I'll be remembered for contributing to laughter makes life lighter.

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I had'nt think of my Personal Legend until i read this very good book of Paulo... and it made me think a lot about what mine is.. and i guess, as a future educator, my personal legend is to INSPIRE, GIVE HOPE and SHAPE the DESTINY of my students. I know it's not easy to motivate.. it takes a lot of wisdom on hand but i will do my best. This book also gave me a lot of ideas about life. It kinda changed my perspectives and principles- that, i can share to my students.. in the long run, they may not remember what i taught regarding the subject but maybe, somehow, some way, atleast I can make them remember what i taught about LIFE.. as they say, "A teacher doesn't know where his influence stops". and i'd like to think that I can make them change for the BETTER.

Shammi sure thing :)
Jun 22, 2014 02:20AM

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