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Shakespeare vs. Edward Scissorhands?

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Everyman | 85 comments Can Shakespeare be a bit TOO violent?

From an article in The Telegraph:

With 14 deaths, brutal rape scenes, mutilation and cannibalism, Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus has never been one for the fainthearted.

But the gruesome scenes at the Globe Theatre’s latest revival have proved too much for even the most daring of theatre-goers.

Members of the audience have been fainting during the play’s most violent scenes, with others reporting feeling sick and warning of sleepless nights.


A spokesman for the Globe confirmed five members of the audience fainted in a particularly gory five-minute scene, adding front of house staff are "very well trained to look after people".

It is understood all five fell while watching Lavinia emerge from being brutally rape, with her tongue cut out and holding bloodied stumps for arms.

The full article:

message 2: by K (new)

K Gomez | 2 comments A lecturer at my uni mentioned this to me today - I'm going to see it next Friday! Getting a bit nervous now...!

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