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Jennifer Lafferty | 48 comments Mod
This is the group discussion for our May selection, the historical adventure romance Knight of the Purple Ribbon. Please add any comments or questions that you have about the book.

Knight of the Purple Ribbon by Jennifer Leigh Wells

Jennifer Lafferty | 48 comments Mod
Here is a partial description of Knight of the Purple Ribbon from Amazon:

Based on the true life adventures of the charming Swiss nobleman Baron Christoph de Graffenried, (ancestor to former First Lady Laura Bush and author Ellen Glasgow), and his founding of New Bern, the second oldest town in North Carolina in 1710, “Knight of the Purple Ribbon” is filled with drama, romance and suspense...this sweeping historic novel follows de Graffenried as he goes from being the reckless black sheep of his illustrious family to the head of a colonial settlement, carved out of the wilderness, with his beautiful, spirited bride at his side...

Set against the backdrop of such monumental events as Cary’s Rebellion and the Tuscarora War, this amazing journey transports the reader from the castles of Switzerland to the decadent British court to the wilds of the New World.

Jennifer Lafferty | 48 comments Mod
Marianne wrote: "I was wondering: How long did it take to do all the historical research? This book covers quite a bit of actual history :)Who knew the Swiss had their part in the New World. We usually only hear ab..."

All together, it took about six months. I did some of it before I started working on the book and some while I was writing. Luckily, I had a copy of Christoph de Graffenried's three-hundred-year old memoir: Relation of My American Project. That was my primary source of reference. I also consulted books about the de Graffenried or von Graffenried family, colonial history and a few reliable websites.

Like many of the settlers from other countries the main reason that the Swiss ended up in the New World was because of religious conflicts in their homeland. There were thousands of Protestant Swiss and German refugees in England during this time frame and the idea of a fresh start in the colonies appealed to them.

Jennifer Lafferty | 48 comments Mod
Two years. Four edits. The most difficult part was recreating Christoph's time imprisoned at the Tuscarora village.

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