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message 1: by Brittany (new)

Brittany | 340 comments Mod
So, what would you other mods - and of course group members - think of doing some friendly and fun competitions in this group? There's a wide range of competitions we can do that are really fun and can stimulate activity and book discussion.

For Example:

You Pick, I Pick Challenge - This challenge requires that participants list 20 books they want to read in any given month, then once sign ups are done, we partner up all the participants and have them choose 10 of the 20 books they listed for each other. At the end of the month, whomever has read the most books on their assigned list, wins.

Copy Cat Challenge - This challenge partners up participants as well, and the catch is that you can only read books that are found in both of your to-read bookshelves. (No adding books after you're partnered up, otherwise it won't count!) The group that reads the most books wins.

Book Bingo - A Bingo card is created, consisting of bookish things, and the person who fills in the most Bingo rows wins.

And there are a ton of others. The winners could even get a reward - in my Young Adult group, they get to choose a Book of the Month. But bragging rights could work, too. :)

Just a suggestion that might be fun....

message 2: by Rachel (last edited May 01, 2014 06:45AM) (new)

Rachel Brand These sound fun! If you're happy to organise these competitions, I'm all for it :) I particularly like the sound of the Copy Cat challenge--that could be interesting to see what books you have in common, and maybe force you to read some that have been lingering on your shelves for far too long!

message 3: by Brittany (new)

Brittany | 340 comments Mod
I'd be happy to! ^.^ I've actually never done a Copy Cat Challenge, but I've done the other two. Would we want to go ahead and start this month or wait until June?

message 4: by Lorie (new)

Lorie | 1324 comments Mod
These sound fun! I like the copy cat one too!

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Brand Personally, I have a lot planned for this month so I'm not sure if I could join in with any challenges in May, but if enough people are interested we could go ahead and start it now :) Otherwise I will definitely participate next month!

message 6: by Missy (new)

Missy Ann It sounds fun to me!!

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