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Positive insights?
Ola Smith Ola Mar 10, 2016 12:11PM
I've just started reading this book and it seems like a sad story. Can anyone tell me positive insights they've gotten from the book?

Open and honest communication must be established among the family members. It is so difficult, especially when young children will often not know their own mind and just try to please the parent, but it must be worked for.

I am incredulously impressed with how Celeste weaves her characters together, she truly humanizes even your worst enemy. This story is very sad, at the beginning, its not all bleak, we of course know the ending already, but the final moments are so worth the sadness, such a powerful message. Not just communication but empathy for what one has been through and what makes them behave the way they do. I hated the mother for most of the story but that changes..

deleted member Mar 13, 2016 12:03PM   0 votes
To follow up on what Tia said, the one thing I took away from this book (besides a hope that Ms. Ng will continue to write) is that we are opaque to each other, regardless of how close we believe we are. This is a positive in that it has to teach us that we don't know what we believe about other people, that love is neither ownership nor control. No one should live their life to please another. Love is power, and power is blind.

If you're reading it only for the story, then, yes, it's sad. However, the plot is beautiful: Ng weaves together multiple storylines in multiple timelines with strong characters and interactions. I loved reading this, and it immediately became one of my favorites of recent memory. The positive insight being that there's beauty in the tragic and mundane ways we treat ourselves and our family.

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