Can Love Happen Twice? Can Love Happen Twice? question

Don't you think that the second book is better than the first one , 'i too had a love story' ?
Megha Mariyam Megha May 01, 2014 12:00AM
I find the second book was more impressive .

Can love happen twice was a piece of shit..and nothing more than that..poor writing...poor execution ..poor story... a complete waste of time n money.. Highly disappointing.

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Lakshmi sethu subrahmaniyan Not like that much... But I accept his comment... I think 1st is better than 2nd
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Deepak Chandran He should have stop writing after publishing his first book.This is what i felt every time when i read his new works... can love happen twice also fai ...more
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But it happens all the time..The first book of most of the writers (See:- Most of ) is bad when compared to the second one.
(Exception:- Chetan Bhagat..Where I had to wait for like 2 books to GO..when finally 'The 3 Mistakes came' and I was Like ''Finally agood Book By Chetan )
No one is Born as talented as J.K Rowling,right ?

The first book was awesome. Second one is totally disappointed me

The first book was so realistic compared to the first one . The second love was so materialistic rather than the pure one in the first book....

The book "Can Love happen twice " is just average never felt like reading the first book.

I like the first one, its more better than the second one...also, Love cane never happen twice...

I can bet that the author is fond of Yash chopra's romantic movies...there is nothing real in these two books...


first one is better... :)

deleted member Oct 23, 2014 01:02AM   0 votes
First book was way better than the second one. Liked the style of writing and story presentation of it...!!!

The first one was jus awesome...!! I dont think the second one can ever be compared to it...

i loved the first book it tempted me to read the second book..but it disappointed me sooooo much...:(

Of course it is.. First one is undoubtedly a fascinating read, but the thing that gnaws you after a point of time is its single track. The second book covers up that issue. In that respect i think Can Love Happen Twice is a better read than its parent.

Noo.... First book is the best love story i never read before....

The girl that the writer fell for, was so very different from Khushi, I dont understand why the author even liked her?

Vishwanath (last edited Oct 10, 2014 02:53PM ) Oct 10, 2014 02:53PM   0 votes
First book was so unpredictable while reading through it. CLHT is not much interesting throughout the story, And it was more cinematic than the ITHLS.

The second book had more face to face events than the first one which gave me a better impression.

Not at all.. i think 1st book is his best! :)

i dont think so i like the first one also as campre to secound one

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