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message 1: by A, Crazy. (new)

A H | 7672 comments Mod
Thoughts on this book?

message 2: by Aishee (new)

Aishee One of my favourite classics. Love Heathcliffe and Catherine's romance. The book was kind of emotional for me.

message 3: by A, Crazy. (new)

A H | 7672 comments Mod
One of my favorites classics too!! I hope everyone who hasn't yet read it reads it...

message 4: by Ipshita (new)

Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 2701 comments Mod
I read this book years ago, maybe I should read it again.

message 5: by Ishita (new)

Ishita | 1528 comments I just finished the book last year and it was AMAZING ! It is one of my favorites !
The Bronte sisters were so talented and such brilliant writers !! I could read this book over and over but maybe not right now, I'm reading Emma by Jane Austen !

message 6: by Sheetal (new)

Sheetal Dash (SheetalDash) | 70 comments Yet another amazing work by one of the Bronte sisters, probably the best book that was ever written by one of the Bronte sisters followed by Jane Eyre
This is one of my most favourite books of all time though I could never get myself to like the protagonist, Heathcliffe.I loved Cathy and Linton's romance very much.

message 7: by Vanessa (last edited May 01, 2014 07:41AM) (new)

Vanessa Wester I read this book years ago when I went through my classics phase...

I found it hard to read a lot of the times, since it is very dark and twisted. Not as entertaining as Jane Austen I'm afraid!

BUT, I enjoyed the challenge. Not one I would read again though.

(saying this when I watched the movie it made more sense & I LOVE the Kate Bush song!)

message 8: by Leena (new)

Leena | 9 comments It is a huge book, almost like an epic. There are lot of intrigues which kept me captivated but it took time to comprehend the chain of events,one leading to another. It's a classic, to be admired, in all times to come.

message 9: by Indiabookstore (new)

Indiabookstore | 38 comments I have so many conflicting emotions about this book. It was great, and wonderful, and terrible and haunting...Cathy and Heathcliff will always be remembered, but was the romance the only good part of it? I didn't think there was any depth in the book, but the romance was captivating.

message 10: by Ishita (new)

Ishita | 1528 comments I think the depth of the book sort of lied in it's romance ! The darkness of Heathcliff presented a contradiction to his brighter side that loved Cathy and has been loving her since sucha long time !
He's the way he is because of all the things he had to go through as a child at wuthering heights !
Actually reading what people thought of him and yet seeing the brighter, caring side of him makes u wanna pity him and at one point u do !
For the whole of ye second phase, ever since when Cathy fell sick, I could actually see the contradiction quite well and that made me love the book !
Not the romance per say, but the story of a dark twisted man who's had to suffer the hatred because of his actions, since his childhood, and yet could love ! That, I think, was the depth of the book !

message 11: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (bplayfuli) Love the book. There is actually a lot more depth than just the love story but it's hard to notice unless you're trained in literary analysis and criticism. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on that because it's probably not all that interesting to most people and certainly not necessary for the enjoyment of reading.

I will suggest thinking about who is telling the story. It's a love story of sorts between two strong willed and dynamic characters yet neither is the narrator. Instead it's a "frame story" setup where we are introduced to the characters by an outsider who then relates a story told to him by someone close to (but not part of) the family. Why did Bronte choose to tell the story this way? Do you think the narrators are completely trustworthy, or are there personal biases/self delusions/etc that make you question their accounts of events?

Just a few suggestions for anyone struggling to find "meaning" in the story. You may ask yourselves the questions and still find the novel lacking & I think that's cool too. I've always found Jane Austen's novels to be rather shallow myself so to each his own right?

message 12: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (j-boo) I just read this one for the first time ever in March, and I really liked it! Here was the review I wrote at the time:

This book haunts me still!

I'm always a bit hesitant to start these classics written so long ago, knowing that the older style of writing will take some effort on my part to relax into. But each time I try it, I am nonetheless pleasantly surprised with how much I really do enjoy the story. Wuthering Heights was no exception.

If some call this a romance or a love story, I would have to disagree. If that is what you come to the book expecting, you will be disappointed. Love plays an important part in the plot, as the starting point that launches the lifelong vendetta that the story is really about. It follows the determined and meticulously planned revenge a blackguard orchestrates against those he feels have wronged him in the course of his own tortured love story. And if some consider Heathcliff the book's hero, I don't understand that either. He was certainly a compelling character at times, but if anything I would say young Cathy and Hareton are the story's heroes.

Wuthering Heights tells an intriguing and haunting story, at times is very dark, but leaves us with the hope that the newest generation will set right the decades of their families' wrongs. Very stirring!

message 13: by Christ (new)

Christ Colan | 2 comments I read this book many years ago,all I fell is miserable and dark.I think it's a realist masterpiece.and I love every novels of Bronte.It worth reading!

message 14: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (hypoactive_mess) Wuthering Heights is something I've been meaning to read for a very long time. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but actually I really really enjoyed the book. I need to thank whoever nominated it because I needed the prompt to get me to actually pick it up...!

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

This is a book I would like to revisit. I read it quite a few years ago, and I think I may have been too young to fully appreciate the writing. I love Catherine and Heathcliff's romance, even though it's dark. It's a wonderful Gothic read!

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