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Fatale, Vol. 1: Death Chases Me
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There are 3 optional book discussions for May 2014. (This is due to the fact that Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 which finished 2nd in the polls had been previously been in the book discussion two years ago, and Fatale Vol. 1 and Criminal Vol. 1 was tied for third place).

This is the topic for our third optional Book Club Discussion for May 2014, which is as addressed above.

If your post will contain spoilers, then please type SPOILERS in capital letters at the top of your post (or use the html code for spoilers) so that members who are still reading or have not yet read the book can avoid critical details that can spoil their reading.

Enjoy our optional book club discussion everyone.

Cyndi (bookchick64) This was a great piece of work! Noir, horror, twists, and of course the pentultimate femme fatale.

I liked the over all tale and the pace at which it was told. I have never been disappointed by this team. Looking forward to the next volume.

message 3: by Sam (new) - rated it 2 stars

Sam Quixote (samquixote) On the face of it a blend of noir and Lovecraftian horror sounds bulletproof but in execution? .... eeeeeehhhh. Not so much. Brubaker and Phillips are usually a first class team but their work on this didn't do much for me.

Corto Maltese | 78 comments This is maybe the Point where Brubaker and Phillips even exceed on their work on criminal. While it may not be to everyones tastes, that the team throws a great deal of supernatural elements into the mix (cthulhu-style) I very much like Brubakers take on a bigger story-concept. While Criminal was (brilliantly so) a Series of more or less self-contained stories, he takes his time here to slowly evolve a much more complex world and maybe the best take on the Femme-Fatale thing I ever read. Wasn't completely convinced after book one myself, but recently blown away by book four. This could easily become the best work of a team that already delivered a lot of masterpieces.

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