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Did Ryan Shaver Deserve the Tapes?
Anne Hagins Anne Apr 30, 2014 09:55PM
FYI: Ryan Shaver was the guy who posted her poem in he Lonst n Found.

While reading that chapter, I was thinking about how he seemed like he was trying to help. She was upset that no one realized her feelings and tried to reach out to her, but it seems like he knew and was too afraid to confront her about it. So he posted the poem in the magazine to give other people opportunities to express sympathy and solutions since the poem was anonymous. Does anyone else agree, or am I overthinking this?

I don't think his intentions were malicious, maybe a little selfish. Maybe I'm wrong. I do think he deserved the tapes though. I believe Hannah was meaning to point out that anything can hurt someone, especially if you don't take their feelings into consideration. No one's perfect after all. His actions just happened to push her while she was already down.

I think that Ryan Shaver must've known that most of the students wouldn't take the poem seriously. People are idiotic in high school, and such a personal poem from someone in the student body would get a ton of attention for his newspaper. Even if he was trying to help, he must have at least suspected that less perceptive of high school students would take it as a joke. Also, he knew it was her poem, so when things got bad, he should've spoken up. Being passive isn't any better than bullying. So maybe his intentions were good, but the result was negative anyway.

Stenedria I agree.
Mar 08, 2015 09:45AM

I think the point is those that do nothing a just as guilty as those that torment and bully. We never really know how our actions will affect others.

I think he did deserve them. After all, he did kinda steal the poem, then claim he found it, and posted it for the school to see. He stole, lied, and invaded her privacy. Plus, as Victoria said, kids are idiots in high school. I'm in high school and we had to dissect a poem, it would go bad fast.

I think , that although it must have been deeply upsetting for Hannah's personal poem to be displayed for all of the school to see it wasn't about Ryan (personally I don't know what he meant to do I don't even think she knows if he was trying to help or just getting something for his paper) it was about how it affected her and her story , as she says it was all about tying lose ends. If she left out what Ryan did what justifies leaving the others in the tapes? They all added on to her pain. It wouldn't be true to herself ,to leave holes in the story ,like how she wanted it to be told. Although this is only my personal thoughts :) PS I loved the book.

I think he should have at least went up to her and just asked calmly if he should have put it in the newspaper and if she would have freaked out then that would be an immediate no. Then say how sorry he was for even bringing up that idea. and then maybe the would have became friends and she wouldn't have killed herself. High school sucks, and everyone should always have one friend to help them through it.

Hannah wasn't a reliable narrator, so I am not sure if things actually did happen exactly the way that she says that they did with Ryan.

what he did wasn't really that bad but she was already in a state of paranoia over her privacy after the whole peeping tom thing so...

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