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Lady Gaga: Behind The Fame
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Janelle | 10 comments Herbert, Emily. Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame. New York: Overlook, 2010. Print.

Janelle | 10 comments I've read many biographies on people like Ellen DeGeneres, Idina Menzel, Sandra Bullock, and Lady Gaga. This biography is by far the best. I bought this book a few years back, and I never really read it until recently for this project. This biography like any other elaborates on this author's rendition of how the pop star, in this case Lady Gaga, really became famous. This novel is a little different though. It makes you feel like your going through Gaga's journey to rejections and achievements. This book uses factual quotes from Lady Gaga herself to emphasize her feelings and emotions throughout her career life and road to success. Of course like every other biography, this one includes her downfalls in the music industry. Overall, this book is about a regular girl from New York that knew at the age of 11 what her future plans were, which was to become a pop icon. She was a very smart student, but she wasn't at all popular. She spent her spare time, other than working behind a piano, as a go-go dancer. She tried getting her voice heard by performing at The Bitter End with her band in Manhattan, New York. She went through record label rejections, but that didn't stop her from her destiny. Now look where she is: in newspapers, all over TV, and in website headlines. This is a great book believe it or not. Many people tend to judge Lady Gaga just by what they see, but if they read this book, they will have an understanding of her background. I recommend this book to anyone who likes Lady gaga or wants to change up their basic genre to something almost completely factual and interesting to read.

message 3: by Ayana (new)

Ayana P. | 13 comments I love books like this because you get to know so much more about the artist. To me lady Gaga was a good person to read about because she gets so much hate all the time about her, and now i can read and see how she grew and how she became who she is today. I feel like this book would be interesting to see about her.

message 4: by Jilene (new)

Jilene It's always interesting learning about how celebrities became what they are now. Lady Gaga's story is very interesting and different. I'll definitely read this!

message 5: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan S | 11 comments Ill probably look into this book becauase i like the stories of celebrrities on how they reach the position they are now.

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