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Title: Revenge of Rivals (Eternal Feud #2)
Author: Lauren Salem
Genre: Upper YA/New Adult Dystopian series
Formats ~Mobi, & Epub Via a smashwords code.
Copies ~ 10 (Sent out by New Adult Book Club)
Goodreads Link:


After Johnny Cockit survives being electrocuted to death on Chair Trials, he discovers that he has inherited divine, supernatural abilities that are only active on the Sonoran Desert utopia of Walnut Cherryville. It becomes clear that descendants of the Cockit and Quinton families can live forever, but not together. If one of them finds a sacred dagger, it can be used to eradicate the competition, allowing for a bloody end to the feud. Despite Johnny's efforts to resolve the feud peacefully, an underground group known as the Resistance plans to overthrow the Quinton government, pulling Collins and Vincent further into a new side of the feud. Meanwhile pregnant newlywed Laura struggles with being a Quinton and is forced to take on a new job hosting Chair Trials. Laura and Vincent reignite their affair, which escalates into a deadly disaster that may permanently alter the two-sided balance of the feud.

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If you cannot finish this book for whatever reason, please let us know so we can remove your name from THE LIST. Thank You.


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Catherine (KatesPlace77) | 171 comments Would love to riri this book as I am enjoying the first one and would love to see how the story continues please send to

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Elle (wordsonsimmer) | 22 comments DNF - I'm sorry, I think I needed to have read the first book to make sense of this.

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