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message 1: by Charles (new)

Charles | 35 comments If you're truly looking for something unique, consider Dancing With The Dead just made a Book of the Year INDIEFAB 2015 Finalist.
It's a tale of a brilliant astrophysicist jihadist, Fahd al-Sharfa, whose entire life has been about becoming a "martyr for truth." He's on a suicide mission to destroy two space stations and a thriving city on the moon. Everything is going according to plan until he falls in love with a seven-foot tall, cat-like, bipedal alien coworker named Quenby from a planetary race of pacifists. He begins to question his beliefs. The presence of the dead, beside and among the living cultures, both human and alien, respected for their insight and consulted at the personal and political level compounds the situation, as the dead on both the sides of law enforcement and the terrorists struggle for victory.
Fahd's quest for ultimate truth takes him beyond the veil called death, and you go with him as he gains knowledge and even wisdom.
I'm looking for readers who like complex, unique stories. Check it out and decide for yourself if it's as "fascinating and unique," as most readers seem to think.
I will provide free e-books for those who will agree to write a review and post it to, and goodreads.

message 2: by Claudia (last edited Mar 08, 2016 07:11AM) (new)

Claudia Casser | 63 comments Hi Charles

I love complex and unique. Instead of a free e-book (I'm an e-book Luddite), I propose a swap of reviews. Please contact me at

BTW, I'm new here. Is this the correct forum for this post?

message 3: by Charles (last edited Mar 08, 2016 07:10AM) (new)

Charles | 35 comments Hi Claudia,
Welcome to the Goodreads world. Thank you for responding to my post. It's not easy finding individuals who like complex and unique, especially when it involves an exploration of the other side of death. And to answer your question, yes, posting a response to the request is correct. This is not the easiest website to navigate, and different groups have different rules. Usually, there's a "How to" post by the mods in each group explaining their particular desires, do's and don'ts. My email is on the way.
However, I'd suggest you edit your post here--only you can do that--just to take out the email address--you can leave the rest. Probably not a problem, but lurkers abound and you don't want to get a bunch of unsolicited email messages offering you deals too good to be true.

message 4: by Claudia (new)

Claudia Casser | 63 comments Thanks! Where do I find my "private messages"?

message 5: by Charles (new)

Charles | 35 comments I just sent you one. Open up Goodreads, and look at the top right gray bar. You'll see your profile picture and next to it, three symbols, in order from right to left, friends, inbox and recent posts. Click on the inbox --looks like an envelope. You'll see the private message. If you reply to it, it will become part of your private message file, otherwise, it will not.

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