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message 1: by Broken (new)

Broken  Bookshelf (thebrokenbookshelf) | 36 comments Mod
Use this topic to discuss Part 3! No spoilers from the rest of the book please :)

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Bryan | 13 comments Spring in Charlie's life sounded pretty typical. I liked how Charlie and his sister I think her names Michelle bonded. When she confided in Charlie that she was pregnant and he helped her at the clinic goes to show how far he would go for a friend/family member. I think Charlie is so intelligent that he goes a bit insane cause no one is as smart as him.

message 3: by Kirstie (new)

Kirstie (kittycornerwriter) | 14 comments Mod
I agree, Michelle. I think that if Sam hadn't intervened and told Charlie what to do with Mary Elizabeth I think things would have turned out differently. It also goes to show that if you're not honest about your feelings things get really messed up. Also - the brother cheating? What is up with that? Why do people have to mess things up. I mean, I like that this book explores every tiny detail of teenage life, but also I feel like poor Charlie has gone through enough. Time to stop. Stop it, Chbosky!

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