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message 1: by Broken (new)

Broken  Bookshelf (thebrokenbookshelf) | 36 comments Mod
Use this board to discuss your thoughts on Part 2! No spoilers from the rest of the book please :)

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Bryan | 13 comments It was interesting reading this part. Mostly because you delved further into Charlie's family and the backstory of the mom and dad. How they wet brought up and the values they bring to their children. We got to see another side of aunt Helen and understand more about Charlie's depressive state.

message 3: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (booknester) I still am having difficulty with what seems to be a contradiction in Charlie.. The letters sound stilted and immature and often he writes as if he does not understand some simple aspects of people, pointing out almost odd facts ... "..and everyone cheered even though some of us had already seen the game before." Then in another spot he is so observant and able to infer so clearly from what he sees people do or say.. "he (Craig) would think that reason the photograph was beautiful was because of how he took it.. I would know that the only reason it's beautiful is because of Sam." But his character is definitely endearing.

message 4: by Kirstie (new)

Kirstie (kittycornerwriter) | 14 comments Mod
This part wasn't as exciting for me... until the end of it. For some reason I thought Aunt Helen died of an illness. Did anyone else get that vibe or was it just me?

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