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in the palace

Empress Of Evil | 62 comments With a cold expression on her face, Thorn walked through the halls of her palace, nodding to the guards as she passed them. She walked silently into the Throne Room and settled herself down on the throne, gazing across the room blankly.

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Queen Amber swept into the room with a small smile, taking a respectful bow to the Queen. "Surprised to see me?" She often liked how Queen Thorn ruled over the kingdom.

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Empress Of Evil | 62 comments For a moment, Thorn closed her eyes and enjoyed the silence that she had in the Throne Room. Duties meant that she was often busy and had to deal with lots of important things, but now that she had some free time she was ready to enjoy whatever peace she could fine. Her eyes suddenly shot open at the sound of a voice. A glare went onto her face as she turned to face the owner of the voice. She relaxed again as she realised who it was. Normally, she would've snarled at the dragon for wrecking her peace, but seeing that it was another queen, she held back her annoyance. "A little," Queen Thorn admitted. She certainly hadn't been expecting the Skywing queen's arrival. Thorn was rather cold around most dragons, but she made an exception this time for Queen Amber. She tolerated the company of the fellow queen enough to not act so cold around her.

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Queen Amber was back on her talons in no time, hearing how annoyed Queen Thorn sounded. "Queen Thorn, let's be honest. When you became queen, you allowed every one of your outclaws to live a royal life, loyal by your side. If we must be honest, you may as well be the best queen alive" she admitted, tail swaying

Empress Of Evil | 62 comments Queen Thorn stared boredly at the queen as she spoke. She couldn't say she was extremely interested to hear what Queen Amber had to say, but curiosity still tugged at her. The dragon wondered what would bring another queen all the way here. Was she going to smoothly ambush her? Even if she was going to, it wasn't like she could possibly win. Not while she was in her own palace. The security was very high in her palace.
"How flattering," Thorn responded flatly, her barbed tail waving in the air. Her words were sarcastic and the queen wondered what the SkyWing queen wanted. She wouldn't just flatter her like that for nothing.
"What do you want Queen Amber? I know you didn't come here just to tell me how good I look," Thorn said impatiently, not waiting for a response to make its way out of the SkyWing.

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Queen Amber smiled, "I thought you would want to get straight to the point" her tail swept against the ground smoothly. "The Skywings request your alliance during the war that the Icewings declared. Of course, all of your soldiers and you will be granted with treasure and land if we win" she wanted to keep it short and simple, though didn't want to make it seem like Amber knew they would win. "I came to you, because whether you take it or leave it, the Icewings won't leave you out of the war. She snapped her fingers and Destiny came forward.

"The Icewings plan to have the first battle right by the Scorpion den. It would be nice to have a surprise attack of Sandwings on our side" Destiny informed, after a quick bow. "Nervous 'advisors' you have by the way" she added, referring to Mesa and Cheetah

Empress Of Evil | 62 comments Queen Thorn stayed silent as she listened to the SkyWing. She didn't say anything for a few moments once she was done, her expression moulded into one of thought. There was no need for her response just yet as another dragon spoke. She turned her head to stare at her, her eyes boring into theirs.

"I see...." Thorn murmured quietly. She had heard about the war and her mind had been set on leaving her SandWings out of the war. She couldn't bear to see innocent lives being killed, but she knew that it would happen eventually. "And how many allies has Queen Iceflake gained so far?" Thorn asked, narrowing her eyes. She wanted to judge the current situation before she made a choice. She didn't wait for an answer before she spoke again, turning to the dragon named Destiny.
"The Scorpion Den eh?" The question was a rhetorical one as thoughts ran quickly through her mind. She could assure Queen Amber that they would be at that battle, for no enemy tribe was allowed to enter her land just like that. "Advisors?" Thorn repeated, raising an eye. Although her voice was monotone and almost scary with the way she spoke, amusement glimmered in her eyes.

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Destiny was quick to think of everything special about the Scorpion Den. "Not to mention the orphanages in the Scorpion Den. I assume you wouldn't even let a enemy set foot in your kingdom!" She smiled

Queen Amber glanced at Destiny's smile, and began to think they had the Sandwings practically on their side though she didn't want to take any chances. "Our spies say that so far, only the Rainwings are on their side. The Nightwings are doubting their want to join the war at all, though the Rainwings might argue with them" she quickly added, "We have the Mudwing's on our side. It will come extremely handy, considering the Mudwing's are right by the Rainwing Kingdom"

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Empress Of Evil | 62 comments "Well of course! I'm not heartless," Thorn snapped, almost as if she were offended by the words. Really, she wasn't angry. Well, she was, but not at Destiny. She was simply mad that there even needed to be a war. And it wasn't just the orphanages that she was thinking about, but just the mere thought of an enemy setting foot in her kingdom made her snarl. Nobody was going to walk on her land freely just like that.

"Hmm...." Thorn mrmured quietly, considering Queen Amber's words. Although RainWing's were dangerous, they were still rather lazy at times. The NightWings didn't worry the queen much, whether they were in the war or not. The MudWings would certainly be an asset to them, should she agree to the alliance. "Alright," Queen Thorn agreed finally, dipping her head.
"You should try the SeaWing's as well if you haven't already. They might be of some use," Queen Thorn said. Her opinion over the SeaWings was neutral and she would be able to tolerate them if they were apart of the alliance. Either way, the more allies the better.

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MixItUp! | 6177 comments Queen Amber dipped her head, "We have sent dragons ahead of us all ready" she glanced back at Destiny. Their plan had been a success. "Well then, I assume we can discuss the battle plans later?"

Destiny pulled out a small scroll, handing it to Thorn. "This is everything you need to know about the battle"

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Empress Of Evil | 62 comments "Good," Thorn said, satisfaction glinting in her eyes. She was glad to see that the queen had thought ahead and was prepared. If the SandWings were to be included in the war, she wanted to make sure that their side was organised.

Queen Thorn nodded. She wanted to see what the SkyWing had up her sleeve. She took the scroll and opened it, her eyes skimming over the words.

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