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message 1: by Sophie, Advisor Mod (new)

Sophie Simpson (sophiecool123) | 1008 comments Mod
Next week's character is to be the decided by the poll. Please vote on it in the polls section!!!!! The winner of the poll will be the next character. And feel free to write in your own vote!

message 2: by Sophie, Advisor Mod (new)

Sophie Simpson (sophiecool123) | 1008 comments Mod
This week's character is Minerva McGonagall! Please tell us what you think of her.

message 3: by aarifa (new)

aarifa She was very very strict, but caring and helpful! I really liked her!

message 4: by Sophie, Advisor Mod (new)

Sophie Simpson (sophiecool123) | 1008 comments Mod
Yeah she put a lot pressure on them but she had very good intents and I love that about her. I also like how much she shows she cares about Harry during the final battle.

message 5: by Julia (new)

Julia Yes she put pressure on them.

message 6: by Julia (new)

Julia But she just wanted them to learn

message 7: by Julia (new)

Julia One of my favorite scenes with Mcgonagall in it is in Deathly Hollows

message 8: by Julia (new)

Julia When she says the spell to wake up all the statues and then shes like...

message 9: by Julia (new)

Julia "I've always wanted to use that spell"

message 10: by Julia (new)

Julia Almost giddy...

message 11: by aarifa (new)

aarifa Lol yeah! Sometimes I think of her as a funny person too.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Remember in the seventh book when Harry used an unforgivable curse for the first time because the death eater dude (forgot his name) spat at her?

message 13: by aarifa (new)

aarifa Ha ha!

message 14: by Sophie, Advisor Mod (new)

Sophie Simpson (sophiecool123) | 1008 comments Mod
YES. He respected her so much he was finally able to do an unforgivable curse.

message 15: by Anja (new)

Anja (crazysecondname) my favourite thing mcgonagall ever did was in book one when draco told her about hary and hermione and the dragon and neville was also out of bed and she went like: in all my years as a teacher I never saw 4 children out of their beds
like yeah sure. the marauders didn' exist I assume idk I just think that'S very funny
also I love her so much like her biography on pottermore made me so emotional back then (it still does but now it's been 4 years so I am not that emotional anymore haha) yeah

also also also how in order of the phoenix she got stunned by 5 people at the same time. like they knew they couldn't fight her f they were alone against her. and she was trying to help hagrid if I remember correctly and idk man I just really love McGonagall

one more thought: I love how she doesn't treat the Gryffindor children different from the other house. I know this should always be a thing but we all know that for example Snape didn't do it. and yeah I think it is amazing that she did.

AND she is a quidditch fan and I love her and I need to shut up haha

message 16: by Sophie, Advisor Mod (new)

Sophie Simpson (sophiecool123) | 1008 comments Mod
YES! She is absolutely amazing!

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