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message 1: by Charity (new)

Charity Rowell (charityrowell) I do not know if this is the appropriate folder for this. If it is not, please feel free to move it elsewhere.

An author who I have worked with before asked me to become his agent. I was flattered, but wanted to perform some research to see if I could find some more appropriate choices for him. During my research, I discovered that a lot of these "non-traditional" publishers charge fees up front and do not provide the services that they should be providing indie authors with.

I went to my Twitter account and discovered that I was following publishers that follow these sketchy practices. I cleaned out the list and have kept a few publishers on the list who cater to indie authors, but do not charge fees up front.

Here's the link to that list:

message 2: by Martin (new)

Martin Wilsey | 447 comments Do not pay a vanity press to publish. Scam-o-rama.

message 3: by Ken (new)

Ken (kendoyle) | 364 comments What Martin said. Any "publisher" asking for money up front is a vanity press, and not a legitimate publisher.

If you're considering a publisher, always check them out on Preditors & Editors (yes, that's the right spelling) and Absolute Write Water Cooler.

message 4: by Amit (new)

Amit Bobrov | 25 comments what everyone above said.

Also, be cautious of Publishers who reply with a honeyed letter saying how awesome you are. now you just need to pay for a critique, then this or that. Also a scam.

message 5: by Charity (last edited Mar 08, 2016 12:02PM) (new)

Charity Rowell (charityrowell) Thanks, everyone. I'll try to keep the list as "clean" as I can, but I do not work directly with the publishers and may miss a few scammers. If you happen to see a vanity publisher on my Twitter list, please DM me on Goodreads or Twitter and I'll remove the person/company from the list.

Please do not respond to this post with any names, since doing so would violate the group's rules.

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