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message 1: by Walter (new)

Walter Porter | 4 comments Leinburger, Ralf. Fighter. Bath: Parragon, 2011. Print.

message 2: by Walter (new)

Walter Porter | 4 comments FIGHTER is a easy to read reference book about planes it goes from world war 1 all the way to the modern day eurofighter typhoon it tells you a short history of each plane and for me it is very interesting because I have always liked planes and recommend this to anyone who like planes or has a project on world war 1 or 2 and wants to talk about the advancement of technology and wants to know what they are talking about

message 3: by Mykei_t (new)

Mykei_t | 7 comments That sounds intersting an would be very informational

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren A | 9 comments This book sounds like a good book to read. From what you said, it seems informational.

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