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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris Brown | 3 comments I'm looking for a Beta Reader to take a look at my urban, street-lit thriller, which is a follow-up to my first novel Guilty Tiger (available on Amazon). It's gritty, violent, sexy and extremely relevant to recent events in the UK and Europe, focussing on the European migrant and refugee problem and a British right-wing government's plans to resolve it. It's set in Bristol and has many musical, fashion and football references as well as a strong, social commentary running through it.

message 2: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Tsipouras | 103 comments I'd love to read it!

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris Brown | 3 comments Hi Barbara, that's great! I'm new to Beta Readers so what's the next stage?

message 4: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Tsipouras | 103 comments You can send me an email with your MS (doc or pdf) and tell me what exactly you're looking for. Do you have any specific questions regarding characters or plot? Do you want me to proofread or do you just want a general feedback?

I'll thoroughly read your book within 2 weeks or less and return the MS with my spontaneous comments and my answers to your questions.

message 5: by Chris (new)

Chris Brown | 3 comments Thanks, I'll get it sorted later on today. Really appreciate your help.

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