Real Murders (Aurora Teagarden, #1) Real Murders question

Do you like the movie series?
Carolyn F. Carolyn F. Mar 07, 2016 12:10PM
Charlaine Harris had mentioned that the TV movie of the second book in this series was popular. So I watched the first movie (second book) and had Tivo'd the second movie (first book). I did not like the first movie at all. To me in the movie Aurora is irritatingly chirpy which I did not get from the books. In the movie she also seems very uncaring - about the woman who dies and the men she dates/has dated. Also her dressing dowdy, the movie mentioned that but she wasn't really dowdy. These are all things I think were changed/exaggerated in the movie to the point where it wasn't really like the book. To me in the book Aurora was content but a little depressed. The TV version is Aurora trying to see what kooky trouble she can get into. Am I the only one who felt this?

Diana (last edited Apr 05, 2016 06:17PM ) Apr 05, 2016 06:15PM   0 votes
I was disappointed with the (book) series as a whole so I thought that the fresh take was a good change. I agree that she was a little over the top and lost inside her own head at times but it could just be that the writers were trying to get in a lot of character development and plot points in a short amount of time without having a narrator. I liked the second movie better than the first but I thought that they did a good job with them.

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