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Niran | 1792 comments Here it is :)

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Hi hi!

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Niran | 1792 comments :D so should we make character profiles? Nothing major, just simple ones, I think it's better to reveal things within the role play

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Ok. I can do that.

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Niran | 1792 comments Cool, I'll make mine :)

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Niran | 1792 comments Boy
Name: Sebastian Deleros
Age: 18

•playing guitar

•loud people

Name: Nyla Kelsorit
Age: 17

•playing the piano
•insane foodie

•social networking
•the colours yellow and brown

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•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Girl
Name: Astrid "Ash" Martinez
Age: 17


-Being a total foodie.
-Being able to move around and not just stay in one place.
-She loves to explore things, so tends to wander off a lot.
-Likes staying in her room as much as she likes to explore the world.
-Vintage things(movies, clothes, music etc.)
-Enjoys playing guitar writing music

-Hates staying still. Hates it with a passion.
-People asking her how she feels. It annoys her.
-Hates the Day, she's not much of a day person more of a night person.
-Loud people.
-the smell of bananas. Don't ask.

Name: Jasper Anderson
Age: 18



> The outdoors: Camping, Climbing trees, swimming even just mowing the grass.
> Pulling pranks on people: Only when they deserve it.
> Cars/Motorcyles: his dad used to work on them so now he works on them.
> Parties: The good ones anyways.
> Sleep


> Obnoxious people
> Homework
> Basketball
> Apples

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Hey I found this so do you just wanna start on this one?

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Niran | 1792 comments Holy crap I forgot about this one! Yeah let's do that, can you start this one?

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Niran | 1792 comments Should the girls be friends and then the guys friends too?

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Yeah that's cool with me. And I'll post soon.

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Niran | 1792 comments Okay cool :)

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Astrid woke up looking at the clock. 6:15. She sighed and looked up at the ceiling. A small smile appeared across her face and today was the only day where she wasn't grumpy in the morning. It was the second week of school and she was actually excited for it. She pulled out her phone and texted her friend. Hey I'm coming to get you so be ready Freddy. :) Astrid then got up and took a quick shower washed her hair and got dressed. She pulled her crop top sweatshirt over her head and tugged her hip hugger jeans on. She looked in the mirror trying to decide a way to wear her hair, and pulled it up but then shook it out laughing at her reflection. It looked better when it was messy and out she thought as she pulled a hat on.

Astrid grabbed her bag and went in the kitchen kissing her dad on the cheek. "Bye dad! I gotta go get Nyla for school today. I'll see you after school!" She said grabbing her guitar bag and opened the door to her awesome van. Astrid tossed her bag in the backseat before driving off to Nyla's house. She pulled into her driveway and honked the horn lightly tapping the steering wheel with her fingers as she listened to the song that was playing on the radio.

Jasper groaned as he heard the alarm buzzing loudly in his room. He rolled over looking at the clock to see what time it was. "6:00.....I got time." Jasper muttered before rolling over and went back to sleep. He then woke up and looked at the time again. 6:50. 6:52. 6:54. 6:56. 6:58. 7:00. "Shoot! I'm late!" Jasper said scrambling out of bed and threw on a shirt. Second week of school as a senior and he already hated the fact that him mom made him take morning classes. "I'll get you ready for the real world." She had told him countless of times. Jasper ran downstairs as he tugged his pants on and saw his mom watching him. "Shirt?" His mom asked as she took a sip of her coffee. He looked down at his chest and sighed as he zipped his pants up and ran back upstairs grabbing his shirt, motorcycle keys, jacket, bag, and helmet before running back downstairs. "Bye mom." He said waving before tugging on his jacket and walked out to his bike.

He started it up and drove fast to school hoping he wasn't late. Jasper made it in the nick of time sighing. "7:19. Made it." He said sighing and pulled off his helmet and looked around for Sebastian. When he found him he gave a sheepish smile and placed his hands behind his head. "I know I know. I'm late. But I have a excuse." Jasper said smirking.

[sorry it took me so long to reply.]

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Niran | 1792 comments Nyla heard Astrids horn as clear as ever. She couldn't help but laugh because of how loud it was. Nyla poked her head out of the window and yelled down in a chuckle," I'm coming!". She could see Astrid sitting in the car with her wild, gorgeous hair.
It was like any other school morning, she had woken up, showered and got ready. Today she wore a tight, long black skirt that hugged her curves and has a slit up the side with a black crop top and some boots. Nyla's long black hair cascaded down her back in a straight motion, her hair was naturally quite wavy but she preferred the straight look.
She kissed her mom, dad, and two younger brothers goodbye before she bounced out the door and gave Astrid a playful smile and hopped in her car.
"Hey sister!", Nyla smiled, hugging Astrid and then just softly moving her hand over her friends hair," I love your hair like this". Nyla was being kind of strange today, but that was only because she woke up in a good mood, she didn't really know why because she disliked school a lot. That was where Astrid and Nyla were opposite, but they still had a lot in a common and had known each other for a long time.
"Now hit the road Jack!", Nyla exclaimed dramatically, laughing afterwards at how weird she was being.


Sebastian figured Jasper would be late, it was kind of his thing because he knew how much Jasper loved his sleep and would risk anything just to get a few more minutes of it. However, Sebastian would rather be too early than late somewhere. So he had woken early this morning; had a shower, had breakfast, got dressed and even got to have a conversation with his family without any rush. Sebastian hated rushing.
Sebastian simply chuckled and shook his head, there was always an excuse, and he always wanted to hear it," Whats the excuse, bro?"
Did he have an awesome dream about that involved an awesome girl with an awesome and epic storyline? Did he find something he shouldn't have? Who knew?
Sebastian sensed that today was going to be a good day, because it felt normal, routine. Everyone was at the front of school, and for some reason there was a buzz. Maybe because it was senior year.
People laughed, talked and the school was just alive with a positive atmosphere.
"Jasper. It's senior year, we got to make this year the most epic and amazing year of our lives", Sebastian was saying, a hint of cockiness around what he was saying, because he knew what he meant; girls, parties and doing a lot of misbehaving.

((It's okay :D))

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Astrid rolled her eyes as Nyla petted her hair. "Bloody hell. What is it with you and my hair?" She asked smiling lightly. See Astrid was originally from London, but after her mom died, she and her dad moved to America. Only Nyla ever heard Astrid's British accent, but sometimes it slips out at school. But most of the time she used her American accent because she just didn't want a lot of people knowing about her accent.
"So week two and I see you haven't made a lot of progress with your not so secret crush have you?"
Astrid said giving her a sly grin and glanced at her. "We have the rest of senior year Nyla, come on. Make. Your. Bloody. Move." She said teasing her lightly before pulling into the school lot and parked the car.
She got out the car and walked to the back grabbing her book bag and guitar bag slinging it over her shoulder. "Hurry up and get out of my car slow poke." Astrid said smiling as she shut her door and started walking towards the school.
As she walked she glanced over to see this guy, Seamus? Stuart? Sebastian. That's what his name was. Astrid glanced over at him and carefully tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. She smiled a bit before turning around looking at Nyla. "Come on Nyla hurry up!" Astrid said.


"I was sleeping." He said smiling. "Probably expecting some fantastic excuse weren't you? Well not today I was too lazy and running late night come up with one." Jasper said stretching. "Unlike you mister I'm always on time for everything." He said running a hand through his hair.
He leaned on the wall and sighed watching people start to arrive and one car stood out the most. It was a big red vintage van that attracted a lot of attention. "There's that van again. Looks like a stick shift at the most. Maybe. Wonder who's driving that." Jasper said looking over at Sebastian. He watched one girl with curly hair step out of the car. "Hey Seb, check her out." Jasper said watching her grab her bags and smirked lightly. "What do you think of her?" He asked as she started walking in their direction.
Jasper looked back to the car and saw another girl sitting in the car but he recognized her. "Hey it's Nyla." He said waving at her. Nyla was a good friend of Jasper and he liked hanging out with her a lot. But he didn't really 'like' like her like that. At least not at the moment anyways.

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Niran | 1792 comments Nyla's mouth dropped open slightly. Her crush?
She blinked a couple time and suddenly found herself sitting in the car by herself, to which she quickly walked out and ran towards Astrid's side.
She saw her look over at Sebastian, seeing how she tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. Nyla exclaimed, pointing slightly in playful manner," Haa! What about you?", she smirked," I think you should do something too".
Nyla walked side by side with Astrid towards the school entrance. She suddenly saw Jasper and saw that he waved at her, she gave a smile and waved back at him. But once they were ahead, she gave a sigh and said," It's not that easy, do they even know?". Suddenly Nyla got over herself being all emotional and sappy and just moved her shoulders up and then down," Oh well. When you decide to tell your crush, I'll tell mine".
You could say Nyla was kind of blackmailing Astrid into confessing to her crush or at least to just talk to him, Nyla believed Astrid and Sebaatian would make a cute little pair. They stood in front of Astrids locker.
"What's your first class today?", Nyla asked, looking at her timetable and pulling a face of disgust; chemistry. But at least Jasper was in that class.


Sebastian gave a chuckle at his friend, shaking his head and knowing that would be Jaspers reply.
He saw his friend wave at Nyla, and he shook his head out again, seeing it but not saying anything to his clueless friend.
But then Jasper pointed someone else out, someone who stood next to Nyla; a girl with curly hair, beautiful lips and was average height. All in all was a 10/10 and Sebastian's eyes followed her up the school entrance until he realised he was being weird.
He looked over at Jasper, giving a smirk and nodding," She's a treat", he returned to his player antics, acting as though the girl had no affect on him whatsoever.
"Come on, let's go in", Sebastian said, smirking and nodding his head towards the entrance. As he started making his way in he saw a few girls he remembered partying with and gave little smiles, always stay friendly with them. You never knew who might accept the booty call. Though Sebastian could be a player, he was also a sensation and aware guy, he just hasn't found anyone special to stop fooling around with a ton of girls. Sebastian's locker was opposite the curly haired girls locker, he glanced over to see them standing there and looked over at Jasper.

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Astrid gave an small blush. "He's not a crush Nyla, if anything he's just a piece of eye candy. There's a difference. Plus my hair was in my way as I was walking pass him." She said as she threw things in her locker that she didn't need at the moment.
She grabbed her bag as she shut her locker turning to look at her friend. "And," Astrid started lowering her voice a bit. "Even if I did like him I barely know him. He just looks like he wants to hit it and quit it, and I'm not that kind of girl Nyla. That kind of thing doesn't strike my fancy. Remember the whole Matthias situation?" Astrid asked before looking down at her timetable and clicked her tongue.
"Umm I have Gym first. Bleh but I'll get to see you during most of my other periods. Just meet me in the music room if you wanna go somewhere during lunch, and meet me here after school so I can take you home, or to my house. Doesn't matter to me really." She said before running her hand through her wild curly hair while in thought. Astrid sometimes did this when she was thinking about how her day was going to go.
She looked up from her schedule and smiled. "Well shall we drop you off at chemistry or what?" Astrid asked turning around and saw Sebastian watching her and Nyla.
She leaned her back against her locker and crossed her arms before leaning over to Nyla . "Ok but on the attractive scale he's about 10." She whispered into her ear smirking.


Jasper smiled as Nyla walked passed them and sighed. "Hey do you think she likes me or not? Because I can't really tell at the moment." He said watching her walk away. When he didn't get an answer he raised an eyebrow and nudged him. "Dude you ok?" Jasper asked but then smirked when he followed his gaze. Sebastian was as clueless as he was.
He followed him inside as some girls came up to him with the usual things. Great party, spending time together, dates, etc. Jasper didn't really care about most of those things, dates in particular because he really wanted to figure out this thing he had with Nyla before he did anything else with another girl. He did have a player reputation, but it wasn't really that bad. Maybe just a couple of broken hearts here and there, not a big deal.
Jasper leaned against his own locker which was next to Sebastian's. He felt Seb nudge him a bit as he looked over at Nyla and her friend. "Dude, if you wanna get with her then go get her NNS. Name, Number, and if she's single or not." He said tilting his head up over at a them. "And you should probably hurry too, because if you don't get her someone else will." Jasper said watching the girls look at them.

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Niran | 1792 comments ((Sorry for the late replying! I haven't been getting notifications))

Nyla's eyebrows and forehead furrowed, she didn't want the things she heard about Sebastian to be true but Nyla knew better. She had heard things about him, who didn't? Every boy and girl spoke about both Jasper and Sebastian, about how they were players and they were wild party animals, and all the mischief they got up to. It was hard to ignore.
She gave a huff and said," I suppose you're right". She knew it must have seemed harsh to admit that her friend was right in this topic but she'd rather be brutally honest than lie to her friend about something like this. Especially after the Mattiah situation.
As they turned they saw both the boys looking at them, and for a moment there was an awkwardness around them which made Nyla laugh sneakily and slyly. She glanced over at Astrid as she made her comment about Sebastian's level of attractiveness and suddenly got an idea. Nyla looked at the time, pushing her bag up her shoulder quickly and saw that they had about ten minutes until the bell, so she turned to Astrid and gave a little, mischievous smirk," You can meet him". She suddenly grabbed Astrids hand and pulled her along towards the boys, until they finally were faced to face.
"Hey guys, how ya doing? How was Spring break?", she asked, seeing the guys looking at them and then looking over at Jasper with a smirk.


"Dude, if you have to ask me that question you're pretty stupid", Sebastian said slowly as he looked over at this girl with the wild, curly hair. But he heard what Jasper had asked, because he had seen how much Jasper and Nyla flirted, and it was about time someone made a move or something.
Even when the crowd of girls came up to them he was slightly distracted by the curly haired girl, but he acted as though he hadn't been. He was conversing with the crowd of girl, making sure be kept his options open. This curly haired girl might be a good one in his head, but he didn't know her personally, so he told himself not to get caught up with her.
After the girls left it was as though Nyla and her friend was having a staring competition with Jasper and Sebastian, all that tension and no one doing anything. Until he saw Nyla dragging her friend towards them, "I guess I don't have to now", he replied to Jasper about the NNS thing, looking aside briefly and raising his eyebrows.
Sebastian knew Nyla through Jasper, they were all okay and cool, chit chatting here and there. As Nyla came over, Sebastian simply nodded his head and smiled, not really replying as he thought Jasper should do that.

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Astrid gave a small sigh and looked down at her phone. "Come on Nyla we should go-" She started but then shook her head. "No Nyla I'm not going over thereee-Heey Heey Jasper." She said chuckling nervously a bit before sending a text to Nyla. You're so going to get it. Astrid tucked her phone back in her back pocket before sighing.
She didn't really want to deal with Sebastian or Jasper at the moment, and for the first time she actually wanted to get to Gym class early. Astrid didn't want to be surrounded by all their girls or hear about any parties that they've might've thrown or went to. The whole bad boy thing was a turn on for her, but having her heat broken again wasn't. Astrid ran her hand threw her hair before glancing over at Sebastian.
He was pretty musclier then she had thought before and the way he was leaning against his locker. Oh what she would give to run her fingers through that hair. Wait what? Astrid blinked twice and wrapped her arm around Nyla's shoulder and looked at both of the boys. "Oh yes please tell us your tales of parties, girls, and sex if you don't mind. Because we're just dying to know." Astrid said sarcastically.
"Not to be rude gents, Don't mind me. Just a tad curious." Astrid said giving a sly smile as she looked over at Nyla. "What'd you say Love? Care to here one of their stories?" She asked. In all honesty Astrid wasn't trying to be rude at all, she just wanted to tease them a bit.


Jasper rolled his eyes. "Alright alright. I get it. I'm clueless about love." He said and sighed. "I'll do something about it."
Jasper said.He could see that Seb's focus was a bit off, Jasper knew him very well.
Was that girl really screwing with his mind? Whether she was or not, it was nice to see that he wasn't as focused as he normally was. He smirked a bit and shook his head as Jasper continued to watch the situation unfold.
When the girls disappeared he watched Nyla and her friend walk up towards them and smiled.
"Your friend has a sharp tongue there. Maybe someone can take the blows." Jasper asked nudging Sebastian in the side hard.
"It was pretty good, but it probably would've been better it you were with me. Speaking of which I was wondering if you wanted to maybe hang out sometime. Like a date. So what do you say?" Jasper asked as he stuck his hands in his pockets and tilted his head.

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments [it's fine. :)]

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Niran | 1792 comments Nyla couldn't help but laugh at her friends feisty behaviour, because she wasn't usually like this, which made it even more amusing, entertaining and empowering to watch. Especially as the boys raised their eyebrows and gave a little smile to them, indicating that that feisty behaviour was different and intriguing.
"Oh, I would just love to hear about those bomb ass babes and how totally wasted they got", Nyla added, playing along and nodding her head with a sarcastic interested look on her face.
She couldn't help but look over at Jasper with a somewhat shy yet confident look about her, she didn't know how she did it but she just did. She felt a smile playing on her lips and then realised she hadn't introduced Astrid," My friends name is Astrid".
"Astrid, huh?", Sebastian commented, smiling slightly and raising his eyebrows.
Suddenly Nyla heard Jasper asking her out, her sudden confidence disappeared and she felt herself become awkward and weird.
"What? Me?", she asked, as if there was anyone else, he was looking right at her. Then she realised she was being stupid so she just nodded quickly and laughed nervously," Yeah, definitely. Just let me know whenever you're free".


"Astrid, huh?".
The introduction of the curly haired girl only made her sound even more mysterious, curly was actually called Astrid. It was a beautiful name to match with a beautiful girl.
Sebastian couldn't help but grin slightly at how sarcastic the pair were being, because it was kind of stereotypical but slightly right on. They kind of had Sebastian and Jasper figured out, from the outside. But did they even know anything true and honest about them? Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn't.
He examined Astrid carefully but quickly, she was average height but to him she was short, someone he could easily pick up an throw over his shoulder. She had curves on her, which matched with her sarcastic attitude and feisty behaviour. Suddenly he felt a jab at his side, which was Jasper nudging him roughly and indicating something. Sebastian leaned down to Astrid and said playfully,"You're quite the fire cracker, aren't you, Curly?".
Then all four were caught up in the action of Jasper asking Nila to 'hang out', so Sebastian and Astrid were looking back and forth before Nyla replied to him in a cutesy, unsure way. Sebastian looked over at Astrid and gave a little chuckle, shaking his head, rolling his eyes and mouthing," Finally".

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Astrid scoffed and gave a little fake I'm offended look. She stepped even closer to him to where she could practically feel his breath on her. Their lips were inches from each other and then she spoke. "Curly? I'm afraid you've offended me a bit. Sebastian isn't it?" Astrid said giving him a clueless look and moved to his ear.
"You know what they say about firecrackers right? Be careful because You might get burned by me. Love." Astrid whispered into his ear letting her accent show a bit.
She smirked and backed away turning her attention to Nyla and Jasper. "Jesus Christ it took you guys long enough. Geez." Astrid said smiling and shook her head. "Well it was nice interacting with you two boys, but I gotta get to Gym before McCrory makes me clean out the locker room again. See ya Loves." She said winking at them before walking down the hall. Click clack click clack Her boots went.
Soon as she hit the corner she felt her heart beating out of her chest. "I can't believe I did that." Astrid said as she ran a hand through her hair and let it stay there. She actually flirted with him, she couldn't believe it that wasn't supposed to happen. Her being sassy wasn't supposed to happen. Astrid groaned and smacked her forehead, she actually let him hear her accent. The worse of it.


Jasper smiled and held out his hand as he heard the warning bell ring. "Well we should get going then so we won't be late for class. Seb, you got this. I'll see you later bro." He said taking her hand and started to walk to class.
"So what do you wanna do on our date?" He asked looking down at her. Jasper couldn't help but to smile at her, she was gorgeous, sexy even and he enjoyed her company. But he wasn't going to go to fast with her, he didn't want to scar her off by moving to fast like he did with other girls. He walked into the classroom and stood in front of her desk looking down at her. "So I'm free on Friday, what about you huh?" Jasper asked raising an eyebrow.

[sorry for the short post.]

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Niran | 1792 comments God, he just loved the attitude and feistiness of this girl. She just got better and better. Sebastian gave a little smirk as she leaned forward, looking her in the eyes with a sort of rare interest which he didn't show to the other girls. He looked down at her, he couldn't help but smile and just listen to her talk.
She walked away and Sebastian watched as she did so, looking at her bouncing curls as she did," Ohh, but that only makes you more tempting, Curly". He was talking about how she would 'burn' him, which made her sound more mysterious and attractive.
Sebastian nodded and smiled as Nyla and Jasper walked off, god it was about time something started happening with them, even if they were just hook up buddies or something. The sexual tension and chemistry between them was so obvious that it hurt to watch them talk as just friends.
His first class today; GYM. Probably his best class, since he could be hands on and physical rather than actual thinking. He pushed himself off of the locker and made his way to the boys changing rooms.


Nyla was shocked by all of this.
Yes, her and Jasper always had a thing; a sort of chemistry and sexual tension surrounding them. But all of a sudden Jasper was taking an interest and being keen, it shocked her and made her wonder why he suddenly asked her out and decided to make a move. She wouldn't ask that now, but she would soon enough, because she had a blabber mouth and couldn't really keep her thoughts in her head for too long.
He held her hand too, showing everyone, and a few girls glanced at them.
They made it to class just before the teacher and so people were still talking and were moving around.
Nyla leaned forward on her desk, placing her chin on her hand and leaning toward Jasper," Take me to one of your favourite places on Friday", she asked, a glow in her eyes and a playful smile. She pushed a strand of her dark, silky hair and said," That would be interesting". She bit her lips slightly and looked away from him for a second, giving him a grin. It was obvious she was excited but she didn't want to seem too keen, because Jasper was a playboy. He might drop you when he gets bored. But then again, she trusted him and they had a different relationship to others.

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Astrid walked into the locker room and sighed opening her locker and pulled her gym clothes. A tank top and some shorts, putting her curls up in a ponytail, and pulling off her boots for some tennis shoes. "I hate this." Astrid muttered and took her hair out shaking it a bit before walking out to the gym. The curls couldn't be tamed.
She walked out to the gym floor and started to do some stretches and sighed looking around. There was only a few people in the gym as she lifted her arms over her head and sighed before bending over and touching her toes. Astrid put her arms over her head before sitting down on the floor and did the downward dog pose. She did couple more stretches on the ground before getting back up.
Her mind trailed off to Sebastian and how he called her Curly. She couldn't help but to give a small smile at how she teased him and how he teased her back, but even if she did like the way they teased each other she didn't want to fall for him because she didn't want to get hurt by him. She sighed before sitting down on the bleachers and watched the rest of the other kids come in and start to sit on the empty spots on the bleachers. Little freshies, sophomores, juniors and of course other seniors.


Jasper smiled, he was happy that the sexual tension between them was broken. "Alright. I'll take you to my favorite place this Friday." He said and leaned in lightly kissing her cheek. Jasper didn't know if he should've do that or not but he wanted to so he did.
"I'll pick you up at 8:00." He said and walked over to his seat. Jasper noticed that a bunch of girls had saw him but he didn't really care what they thought of it. He liked her and she liked him back. That's all that really mattered.
He thought about it for a minute and sighed. Maybe he shouldn't have kissed her on the cheek. After all he did have a playerboy's reputation, hopefully Nyla could see pass that. "Hey Nyla I-" He was about to say something to her but then the teacher walked in telling everyone to sit down in their seats.

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Niran | 1792 comments Sebastian enjoyed Gym, he liked sports and activity so it didn't annoy him that he had to get physical. Most of the students hated running around and stuff.
He got to the locker room quick enough, changing into some black basketball shorts and a grey tank top with some trainers. He walked out of the gym, running his fingers through his hair and walking closer to the bleachers. He scanned his eyes over them and saw who was sitting down, a bunch of girls giggling and looking at their nails, some guys acting stupid and some shy people who were sat in a small group or by themselves.
And then he spotted Astrid.
Suddenly his straight face turned into a teasing and successful smile, this was a nice little surprise, for both of them.
He went and sat beside her, looking at her and raising his eyebrows," Well well well, this is a nice surprise. Couldn't get enough of me, so you had to follow me to gym, Curly?". He crossed his arms and gave her a playful look, grinning at her slightly. He looked over her, at her gym clothes, and he had to say, she looked pretty damn cute.
This was going to be a fun lesson.


"Good", Nyla smiled, showing that she was looking forward to Friday night. She was curious as to where he would take her and what his favourite place was, it was all to come. Friday seemed so far away now.
She watched as he came closer, it was as if it was in slow motion, felt his lips on her cheek. They were extremely soft and gentle. When he first kissed her cheek she had a surprised look on her face, but that changed as he slowly started to pull away. Instead she has a soft smile on her face.
She looked past the fact that he was known as a player, and she looked past the fact that most of the girls in this class saw him. Now, rumours would spread amongst the school like wild fire. They would probably say how Nyla was his next target, his next mission.
But she really didn't care about any of that, and she didn't care what Jasper was known for because she trusted him.
She turned around as he called her name, but was cut short when the teacher walked in," Good morning everyone!".
Nyla simply smiled, looking down and turning back around, facing the front of the class before she got yelled at by the teacher.

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Well speak of the devil. Astrid loved the fact that he could easily blend in with a crowd but still was so easy to spot. She saw a couple of kids who happened to be Sebastian's acquaintances glance at her. They either shot daggers at her or just simply shrugged and went back to doing whatever they were doing.
"Why yes I was simply dying to get more attention from you, that I just had to change into my gym clothes to get you to notice me." Astrid said sarcastically and rolled her eyes teasing him lightly. She checked him out a bit, seeing how broad his shoulders actually were and how muscular he actually was.
God damn, if he didn't have his player reputation, she would let him have her in a heartbeat. She leaned in close to him and smiled before patting him on the cheek twice. "Sorry love, but it's going to take a lot more than flirting and your muscles to win me over." Astrid said before turning her attention to the teacher.

[sorry I'm kinda blanking out on Jasper at the moment I just wanted to get this to you before I fall asleep. I'll give you something better when I wake up.]

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Niran | 1792 comments (Haha that's totally okay :D)

Sebastian stretched and gave a sigh, nodding his head and replying playfully," Yep, I knew it. I get that kind of attention from a lot of girls. They follow me around and go to my lessons and stuff, it's expected since I'm such a stud". Of course he was just playing around, he didn't think that he was that important deep down, people just thought he thought that about himself.
He watched as she moved closer, and found that quite intriguing, and patted him on the cheek in a cocky little way. She turned to the teacher, who wasn't really paying any attention, you could tell he was bored out of his mind and didn't care much as he tapped his pen against his clipboard. So Sebastian took advantage of his lack of attention and just grabbed her hand lightly, they were inches apart. He gave a look full of mischief and said," Sweerheart, I've already won you". He looked deep into her brown eyes and looked over her face carefully, making it obvious that he was checking her out and observing her. He looked over her hair, her eyes and her lips with a sort of smouldering look, he didn't know how that happened but he just found himself fascinated. Sebastian slowly let go of her hand and gave her some space but still sat next to her, she may be uncomfortable and he didn't want to push any sort of boundary.

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments She felt a jerk on her arm as she faced Sebastian. Her cheeks were on fire she didn't expect him to do that and it caught her off guard. Astrid watched him as he looked her over knowing that he was checking her out, she couldn't help but to lean in a bit to where their lips were inches from each other. "You're right, you have won me over..." She said softly before placing a hand on his chest pushing him back slightly. Astrid then smirked before tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. "You know what it is about guys like you? You think that you can get any girl you grabby little hands desire. But I'm sorry to say Love that you can't and probably won't ever have me." She said before backing away and smiled lightly. The teacher blew his whistle and looked around. "Alright guys free day." He said simply before walking away. Astrid stood up and looked over at him. "Well Love, it's been nice chitchatting with you but I need to go now." She said smiling and walked off the bleachers. Astrid sighed before looking around wondering what she was going to do for forty five minutes. She ran her hand through her hair walking to some people she knew and started talking with him.

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Niran | 1792 comments Sebastian stayed silent the whole time, but an obvious smirk was on his face as Astrid spoke. He wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying, he was kind of caught up in her and her fierceness. He enjoyed the way she teased and taunted him, she was in power, and he loved girls like that. Though he had never truly experienced something like that, the girls he got with were all quite passive and obedient.
But not little Curly here. She wasn't taking any of his crap, and he just thrived off of it, loving every single second.
Sebastian couldn't help but watch as she walked away, laughing to himself and shaking his head. To be honest, he didn't want to fun to end, but it seemed it did as the teacher announced that it was a free lesson. So, Sebastian decided just to chill with a bunch of jocks, though they were complete douches he learned he could kind of tolerate them. But he didn't know if he could tolerate them for forty five minutes. So he stayed there for about twenty minutes before he snuck away back to the lockers. But as he walked back towards the locker room he brushed past Astrid and gave a small smirk as he did.
He walked into the locker rooms, quickly rubbing himself off with a towel and putting his regular clothes back on. He let out a huff and said," Hmm, what to do what to do".

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Astrid was talking to her friends as they walked around. After 15 minutes they stood around talking about their favorite bands, movies, books, and boys. Astrid laughed a bit and shook her head as they talked about trivial things. Sometimes her friends could be stuck up and rude about certain things but she had gotten used to them. Astrid went to the locker room to get out of her gym clothes since they weren't really doing anything and walked back out. She got some hoots and hollers as her boots gave her undesired attention from both guys and girls. As she went back to her friends one of them spotted Sebastian coming their way. Astrid felt him brush against her and rolled her eyes. She told her friends that she was going to the bathroom and made her way there. When she was done Astrid happened to have passed the boy's locker room and a mischievous smile made its way to her face. Astrid stood outside the room with her arms crossed and smirked waiting for him. When he came out she leaned against the wall and watched him. "Hmm how about you do me?" Astrid said teasingly before she gently pushing him against the wall. "You know what Love, that wasn't very nice what you did back there so I thought I would return the favor." She said smiling and took her finger tracing it around his jawline. "You know, it's fun and entertaining to tease you like this. Maybe I'll keep it teasing you more and
more." Astrid smiled and moved away from him and turned towards the gym.

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Niran | 1792 comments Sebastian wasn't expecting Astrid to be standing beside the boys locker room, let alone waiting for him to come out so that she could approach him.
And what came next surprised him even more as she pushed him against the wall and got very close to him, teasing him and being seductive.
Before he could get a word out she turned to leave, but he wasn't going to let that happen. So he pulled her close, shaking his head to indicate that she wasn't getting away so easily and softly pushing her against the wall. He placed his arm above her head on the wall, and looked down at her, looking clearly into her chocolate brown eyes and then cupping her chin softly. They were so close yet so far, they were flirting like crazy but they didn't really understand each other. They didn't really know each other just yet. Sebastian had a feeling they would though, so he would let time take its course.
"You know, you don't have to act seductive to get my attention, Curly. I'm already intrigued by you. But keep it up if you want, I'm not complaining. Actually, I find it kind of cute", he stated, his voice light and playful.
He gave a sigh and put his hands up in a surrendering manner, and moved away from her, giving her personal space. But he continued looking at her with interest, his head tilting to the side slightly.

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments "Me seductive? Never. But you being intrigued by me is very interesting. Never thought you were the kind to actually intrigued by me." She said smiling lightly and crossed her arms. Astrid looked down at the ground chuckling a bit. "But in all seriousness Sebastian, even though flirting and teasing you is fun, I would honestly just like to be friends with you. You know get to know you and stuff. And if I like what I see them maybe we can continue where we left off." Astrid said looking up at him and smiled.
"So if you had a little booty call that you would like to continue go ahead and be my guest." She said pushing herself off the wall. "See ya around Seb." Astrid said before walking away from him as the bell rang. "Oh and by the way, you kind of intrigue me too. Love." She said before walking to her next class.
Astrid had to admit that Sebastian had her captivated but she wasn't going to fall for him just yet. Not till she knew that she could trust him for sure, and that she wasn't going to become just another booty call. She saw Nyla and smiled a bit. "Hey girl. How's it going with you and lover boy?" Astrid asked smiling and linked arms with her. "Hey. You better not replace me." She said glaring at Jasper.


Jasper stood up and looked over at Nyla. "You ready to go to the next destination? I'll walk you there." He said smiling and took her hand as she walked down the hallway lightly teasing her. Jasper laughed and shook his head. "Don't worry I'm not going to replace you, as long as you don't replace me with Sebastian." He said before kissing Nyla on the cheek. "I'll see you during lunch babe." Jasper said smiling before walking down the hall.
"Hey Seb. How was she?" He asked smirking and nudged him a bit. "She's sure is a sassy, sharp, sarcastic one. You sure know how to pick em." Jasper said smiling and shook his head lightly. "So did she fall for you?" He asked as the walked to their next class.

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Niran | 1792 comments This was all very new to Sebastian, being intrigued by a girl, being truly interested and being willing to be friends. He'd never done such a thing. Which made him think that he should probably start trying, so he nodded and gave Astrid a small smile," I'd like that".
He gave her a grin as she said she was intrigued by him too, a feeling of accomplishment taking over him. He didn't even want to know about other girls, to be honest, all the girls that were interested in him were the same. He certainly didn't need to know them.
Sebastian grinned at himself and gave a the wall a slight tap of achievement, which he quickly realised seemed extremely weird. So he walked away and towards his next class, where he bumped into Jasper, who he felt he hadn't seen in a long time.
"Yeah, she definitely is", Seb smirked, nodding his head. Sebastian smiled in a genuine way and said," We're going to be friends". He looked over at Jasper and chuckled," Weird right? Let's see how this goes, there's always a first for everything I guess".
But then Sebastian raised his eyebrows," What about you, Loverboy? You might as well be wifed up".


Nyla nodded, giving Jasper a little smile as she grabbed her things and was grabbed herself. Jasper was holding her hand again, and she welcomed it completely, because he was finally expressing something. They were finally expressing things in a subtle way towards each other, and she wanted to see more of it.
Of course, she was blushing majorly. But she tried to get over her nerves, because she had always been comfortable around Jasper. Why be tense and shy all of a sudden?
Nyla let out a laugh," I could never replace you, Astrid". She turned to Jasper and leaned in as he kissed her cheek, closing her eyes and taking in his affection.
"See ya", she smiled, winking playfully at him before he left.
Nyla turned to Astrid and gave her an innocent and embarrassed little look, "It's going good, but it's still early". She didn't want to get ahead of herself.
"And you?", she asked, tilting her head and giving Astrid a questioning, jokey look.

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•CookieMonster• | 229 comments "Umm it's going..." She said thinking for a moment rubbing the back of her neck. Astrid gave a sheepish smile, all they had actually had done was flirt and tease each other since they've met each other. "Well? I dunno it's complicated." She said sighing and shook her head and smiled. "Well I'm happy for you and Jasper at the least." Astrid said smirking.
The rest of the day went by in a blur and before she knew it, it was lunchtime. Astrid and Nyla were hanging out in their usual spot and lightly chatting. "But on other terms, I heard that, Matthias is having a party tonight. So wanna go crash it?" Astrid said standing up the her guitar on her back. She looked down at her phone to see what time is was and looked back a Nyla. "Just give me your answer later I gotta go to the music room. Bye sis." She said smiling before walking to the room.
Astrid shut the door not locking on her way in and sat down before strumming her guitar. She hummed to the melody writing down lyrics she liked before scratching out the ones that didn't quite fit. Astrid then put her private journal away before singing a song by her favorite band. (view spoiler)


He shoved him and rolled his eyes. "Got her right where I want her." Jasper said smiling before stretching his arms over his head. "I'm glad all that sexual tension us over though." He said smiling as they walked into class. The sexual tension had been a problem for him especially. Sometimes when Nyla was just so damn cute he would have to control himself from not pouncing on her.
Jasper heard the bell rang as he wiped his forehead with his towel. He was shirtless at the moment but that was only because they were outside playing football during his free period. As he grabbed his shirt he noticed Nyla and Astrid sitting outside and talking. Jasper smiled and nudged Sebastian lightly. "Hey Seb there goes your girl." He said tilting his chin up at Astrid as she walked away. Jasper then ran over to Nyla and sat next to her with a plop forgetting to put his shirt back on.
"So does she normally leave you here by yourself?" He asked smiling and looked over at her.
"Because if she does," Jasper started as he moved some of her hair from her face and cupped her chin lightly, "Then that's an easy opportunity for me to have your undivided attention." He said before moving away and chuckled lightly. "Anyways what were you two talking about before she disappeared?" He asked.

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Niran | 1792 comments "Well, at least that's kind of faded then", Seb stated, he had a football in his hand and was tossing it from one hand to the other carefully and slowly.
He laughed and shook his head as Jasper called Astrid his girl, because he knew they were just friends but Jasper continued to tease him. Sebastian slowly walked towards Nyla to find out where Astrid had gone," Where'd Curly go?", Seb asked, looking around carefully.
Nyla simply smiled and replied," The music rooms", and then she raised her eyebrows in a suggestive I-think-you-should-go way. So he did.
"See you guys later", Sebastian waved loosely and then walked towards the music rooms. There were three music rooms, which could have been difficult if he hadn't heard singing.
So he stepped into the second to see Curly strumming a guitar and singing with all her heart. Though she couldn't see him because she had her back towards the door. He stood there for a while, just watching her in fascination and awe while she sung and played guitar.
When she finished her song he heard himself say," Wow, you're wildly talented, Curly". And he meant that.
"I'm sorry! For barging in on you. I just heard singing and guitar playing and I couldn't help myself", he said, giving her a sheepish grin.


Nyla shook her head and laughed while Jasper slumped beside her with his sweaty, shirtless, gorgeous self. She had to tell herself to control herself, seeing him shirtless just did something to her.
Nyla answered Sebastian's question and gave him a suggestive look, basically telling him he should go to her. Astrid was something else when she was focused on her music, the love she had for it made you love watching her write music and play music. She had a real talent for it. When Sebastian left she turned to Jasper and grinned," We were talking about crashing Astrids kind of ex's party".
Then, Nyla felt like she was having a light bulb moment where you get an idea," Hey, why don't you and Sebastian come? It would have more affect on the crashing". She poked at Jaspers side playfully, and all she felt was muscle, but she had to control herself, " You know you want to. I bet Seb would too".
Nyla looked over him again and felt herself staring with such want, she gave a sigh and then looked into his eyes," You tease me too much, Jasper". But she loved it, and invited it. Nyla leaned in, some of her dark hair falling forward, and smiled wickedly," But I like it".

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments Astrid jumped as she heard his voice. "Bloody Hell Sebastian! You scared the shite out of me!" She said sighing putting her hand on her heart. Astrid's cheeks were red as she placed her guitar down and hid her notebook away from him.
She didn't like it when people snuck up on her, and she definitely did not like it when people heard her sing. It was embarrassing and weird, plus she didn't have a good voice and didn't need Sebastian trying to make her feel better.
"Don't say that, I already know that it's not good." Astrid said softly not looking at him. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked back at him.
"How did you even know where I was?....wait don't tell Nyla I'm going to kill you." She muttered sighing. Astrid stood up and walked over to him backing up to the wall lowering her voice. "Don't tell anyone about this Sebastian. I mean it." She said staring him down before walking around to the other instruments.
"Do you play anything?" Astrid asked glancing back at him.
"Cause if you do, your attraction level might go up a bit." She said teasing him lightly.


Jasper raised a eyebrow. "Matthias was her boyfriend? That's why she looked familiar when I saw her with you. Geez she went out with that douchebag?" He muttered and shook his head. "Sure we'll go crash the party. It'll be fun." Jasper said smirking.
He leaned in smiling at her wanting to kiss her badly but controlled himself. "Maybe I can tease you a bit more...?" Jasper said smiling as he pulled her closer to him and stared into her beautiful eyes.
His gaze went to her hair, to her cute nose and her lips then trailed down to Nyla's neck before going back up yo her eyes. A beauty who had somehow captured the heart of the beast.
"You're so pretty you know that right?" Jasper said softly as he placed his hand on her cheek. "It's hard for me to control myself around you sometimes." He said chuckling lightly before kissing her nose.
Jasper then pulled away and laid down on the ground. "Alright so I'll either pick you up or you can ride with Astrid. I'll leave it up to you." He said putting his arms behind his head and sighed. Sebastian might not like this. Jasper thought to himself.

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Niran | 1792 comments Sebastian noticed that she had a twang of an English accent, which made her even more attractive. But he wouldn't question her about that now. Right now, it was about music.
"Sorry", Sebastian laughed, raising his hands up slightly and then giving her a cheeky little grin. He stepped forward, walking around the music room and touching every instrument he could find with gentleness and delicacy. He loved music. A lot of people didn't know about his love for music and the instruments themselves.
"You have my word. I won't tell anyone how talented you are and how nice your voice is. Don't doubt yourself, Curly", Sebastian smiled softly, looking to her and continuing," As long as you don't tell people that I play the guitar, electric guitar, the drums and the cello". He gave a sheepish look and raised her eyebrows, as if he was acknowledging her surprise and welcomed it. A lot of people didn't expect Sebastian to play many instruments, a lot of girls told him he looked like the type to play the guitar but he never admitted it to them. He just didn't like a lot of people knowing a lot about him.
He glanced over at her and teasingly asked," So, since I play four instruments, does that mean my attractive level is raised by four?". He raised his eyebrows suggestively and then gave in by laughing at his own comment.


Nyla felt her cheeks become red, she felt herself become hot as he pulled her closer in a dominant kind of way. And oh god, she had to bit down on her lip to control herself and to focus on the subject at hand.
Nyla held her head high and smiled in dorky way, glad that he was crashing the party with her. And she was sure that Astrid would love to crash her ex's party with her future babe.
Everything went silent as Jasper looked over her and as Nyla looked over him, exploring his features and her breath suddenly catching. She looked over his silky hair, his eyes and his lips, and definitely his chest.
"Oh please", Nyla smiled, shaking her head and flicking his hand playfully and then she heard him say it was hard for him to control himself around her sometimes.
Which made her all jittery and nervous, it made her question things and made her questions about this situation more prominent.
She ran her fingers through his hair, seeing how silky it was, and for a moment her eyes were wide and her mouth opened slightly. But she quickly recovered and said," I think I should go with Astrid, as a supportive best friend, and then meet you and Sebastian there".
She didn't know if she should ask now, but she felt herself building up and suddenly she blurted out," Why have you taken a sudden interest in me? I mean don't get me wrong, I like it, I really like it. But you never thought of me that way before, despite the sexual tension that we always had". Nyla stopped to take a deep breath, releasing a nervous laugh and saying," maybe I should shut up now".

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments "You playing the cello? That I don't believe." She said laughing just a bit. "But you playing the guitar, drums, and the electric guitar I can see." Astrid said as she put her hands behind her back as she leaned on the wall as she watched him. "And don't worry, your secret is safe with me Love." She said giving him one of her charmingly sweet smile before turning her head away from him.
Astrid couldn't help but to laugh. "No, because of the cello you're down one attraction point." She said shaking her head and watched him. Astrid slowly leaned off the wall and walked towards Sebastian until she was directly in front of him. Her eyes were serious as she looked into his eyes and then she started. "What exactly intrigues you," Astrid started as she looked over him before going back to his eyes. "About little old me?" She asked softly tilting her head a bit. "Because a guy like you couldn't possibly like a girl like me. So there must be a catch to it Sebastian." Astrid said softly looking away from him.
She heard the bell rang and sighed going over to get her stuff. "I gotta go to class now," Astrid said opening the door halfway.


Jasper opened an eye as he looked over at her. "Well to be honest I've always liked you since sophomore year, I just didn't realize it. Sebastian had to spell it out for me before I actually got it. And my reputation wasn't helping out any so I couldn't exactly ask you out with too many broken hearts I left behind." Jasper said sighing. He looked at her slightly embarrassed from telling her that. "Look I know that I've got a bad reputation, but I promise you Nyla I'm not going to hurt you." He said giving her sly grin and sighed.
He looked at her again. "And if I was going to hurt you, I would've done it a long time ago." He said before giving her a small sadistic grin. It was the truth, and in their earlier years of friendship he was actually considering that. Just to sleep with her and get it over with not caring if she got hurt by him or not. But not now and days he didn't wanna hurt her anymore then he already had.

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Niran | 1792 comments Sebastian laughed, shaking his head and defensively stating," Hey! Cello can be sexy. I can make it sexy".
He used to think it was one of those lame instruments that his mom forced him to study, but he grew to appreciate all instruments.
Just wait and see, he thought. He would prove it to her.
But just when he was about to answer her question, about how little old her intrigued him the bell rang and she was about to leave. Now, Sebastian couldn't have that, so he quickly went to the door, placing his hand on it and as a result shutting it.
He looked down at her, all joking aside and gone from the conversation, and said," You're different. I have to admit, at first I thought you would be easy, just another girl who lacked interest beside parties and alcohol and boys. But there's so so much more to you, that I just continuously want to know more about you. You're intriguing, because when I find out one thing, I want to find out another thing about you". For a moment, he lost himself in her chocolate eyes, telling her everything at her will. But he stopped, reality kicking in, and he looked down in a shy way.
He moved his hand away from the door, somewhat releasing her," I wish you could skip class with me. But that's out of your character, and I wouldn't ask you to do something you're not comfortable with".


Nyla was anticipating his reply, and she immediately felt stupid for blurting out a stupid question because of her stupid, insecure self.
Of course she had heard about Jaspers reputation, which didn't help her insecurity, but she wasn't about to blame him for how she viewed herself. It had nothing to do with him, it was all her and in her head.
She sighed, looking at him and admitting," Yes, I suppose it hasn't. But I can't blame you or judge you for your reputation. It's not my place and I don't like judging others".
Nyla looked into his soft eyes and said," I trust you, Jasper". Those words were big for her. Though she was friendly with everyone and was extremely welcoming, she didn't trust everyone, only Astrid. But she felt she could trust Jasper, especially after their friendship too.
"I'm sorry I questioned you, I guess I'm just a bit curious", Nyla admitted, sighing and running her fingers through her hair while she leaned back on one arm.

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments ((Sorry I'll respond soon, I'm at a amusement park right now.))

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•CookieMonster• | 229 comments "Ha! Only you would try to make the Cello sexy. Alright let's make a bet. If you can somehow make the cello sexy to me, I'll let you learn one interesting thing about me, if your choice." She said giving a sly smirk. Of course she was just kidding around with him, but she was never one to back down from a bet.
Astrid looked up at him and sighed. "You charming bastard. You do this to all the girls you may or may not be interested in?" She asked shaking her head and pulled his shirt so that he was at his level. "You're lucky I have a free period now. So yes I'll skip school with you just this once. Don't assume that I'm not comfortable with it." Astrid said smiling. "Oh yeah, So my ex Matthias is having a party tonight and I'm pretty sure that you're going to come right?" She asked as she started to clean up around the music room. "I mean it's fine if you don't want to go with me specifically, but if you just you know wanna go I'm inviting you." Astrid said slightly shrugging as if it wasn't a big deal.
She gave a smug smile knowing that he would probably go anyways. "Know what nevermind. It was stupid to ask you to come to my exes party." Astrid said sighing and rubbed her arm. "I guess me, Nyla and Jasper will just go." She said giving him a cheeky smile before inspecting a some violins, violas, and cellos that were around.


Jasper placed a small quick kiss on her lips and moved away. "You don't have to be sorry for Anything, Nyla." He said softly. "I was actually anticipating that question from you. Because i had a feeling you didn't fully trust me yet anyways." Jasper said sighing but then smiled pulling her into a hug. He understood why she had doubts about the relationship. Jasper couldn't erase his reputation completely but he could change it step by step, with Nyla by his side.
He kept his arms around her, and gently ran his fingers through her hair leaving small kisses on her cheek and neck. Jasper liked it this way. Being able to hold her and kiss her whenever he wanted to. "Sorry I couldn't help myself." He mumbled as he played with her hair for a bit. He usually did that until the first date with other girls, but Nyla was just so.....irresistibly different. Jasper didn't want to move too fast with her but it just felt nice, better then any of the girls he went out with.
"I seriously think you've captured my heart Kelsorit." He said cupping her chin and kissing her on her lips. Jasper smiled against her lips. They were soft and tasted like something sweet, and fruity. He pulled away and smiled gently before laying back down on the ground. So many thoughts ran through his head as he placed his hand over his face.
"God damn Nyla." He muttered as he tensed up lightly. "Hey, this was just a thought, but I was just wondering if you wanted to skip class with me." Jasper said looking over at her with a little smirk appeared on his face.

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Niran | 1792 comments "I'm coming", Sebastian replied, making sure she knew that he was definitely going to be there. The fact that they were kind of crashing her ex's party made him want to go even more. Sebastian could be the guy that Astrid uses to make her ex jealous, and he certainly wouldn't mind that.
"You can totally use me to make this Matthias guy jealous", Sebastian smirked, raising his eyebrows and somewhat joking.
He looked over at her touching instruments softly, and he immediately saw her touch the cello. Which made him want to prove the point that the cello could definitely be sexy. He walked towards her with a sly smirk on his face, brushing his hand against hers, which he did slightly on purpose, and taking the cello sat down on the nearest chair. He placed the cello between his legs, gave a cough as if preparing himself for something monumental and began. He played a slow and soft song, weaving the archet with the strings and delicately moving and pressing his hands against it.
He closed his eyes, because he felt like he needed things to be blank for him to concentrate.
It went on for a few minutes, Sebastian playing the cello with care and grace and delicacy until it came to an end. He opened his eyes slowly and looked across from her, giving a sheepish grin.


She felt her heart beating a thousand miles per minute. Every time Jasper touched her, especially when he kissed her cheek and neck, drove her insane. She closed her eyes and bit her lip slightly as she felt his lips on her neck.
But he had kissed her, and he had kissed her again! It was their first kiss, after being friends it didn't feel weird at all. It felt normal.
Nyla just looked at his face in an affectionate way, with a small, soft smile on her face as she realised that they were lucky to have each other. She shouldn't question him, because it was the right time for them to do this. To start seeing each other, because he was ready and so was she.
"I'll skip with you", she smiled, nodding.
She gave a sigh and decided to lie next to him, but before she did she leaned down to give him a kiss. She softly placed her lips on his delicate ones and slowly kissed his, moving her lips against his before she lay beside him and look up at the sky.
"You better watch yourself, Jasper Anderson, don't go falling in love now", she said jokingly, laughing and smiling up at him.

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments "I don't think that's a good idea. Plus that's not my intentions. He probably be mad about it, and kick me out. No doubt about it." Astrid said leaning on the wall not looking at Sebastian. Matthias wasn't a violent boyfriend. He didn't hit her or anything like that, he was was just.......the whole relationship was just...........complicated.
She came out of her thoughts about Matthias and their messed up relationship, when she felt Sebastian's hand graze Astrid's which made her smile a bit. She rolled her eyes as she watched him get ready and shook her head. When he started she listened to him play and lightly swayed to the music as he played, closing her eyes. She felt herself starting to hum what he was playing and when he was done she opened her eyes and saw his sheepish smile. "Alright, that was kinda sexy. I'll admit it. Not gonna lie about that." She said smiling and sat across from him. "Ok. Now you get to pick one thing you wanna know about me." Astrid said leaning close to him and smirked. "Choose wisely." She said softly. Astrid was willing to talk about almost anything since he wanted to get to know her better so why not start here? "Well Love, tick-tock I'm waiting to be interrogated." She said crossing her legs and stuck her tongue teasingly before smiling at him and laughed a bit.


Jasper smiled against her lips and looked at her. "Hmm a little too late for that." He said softly holding her hand. Their hands fit perfectly with each other, and he loved it pulling her hand to his lips before looking up at the sky. "You know, I always wanted to do this with you. Be able to kiss you," Jasper said kissing her neck and looked down at Nyla. "Run my fingers through your hair." He said doing exactly that. Good thing they were well hidden otherwise he would've gotten both of them in trouble. "This is a nice little hiding place." Jasper said cupping her lightly and looked into her beautiful brown eyes before moving some hair out of her face and sighed. There was something about Nyla that he couldn't get out of his head. The way she treated him, the way she kissed him, no it was somethings else that had him captivated by her, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Jasper then looked away from her eyes before rolling back on the ground sighing. "Uggggh I'm tired." He said cuddling up to Nyla and smiled lightly. "You smell so good Nyla...." Jasper said pulling her closer to him and kissed her head before running his fingers through her hair.

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Niran | 1792 comments Sebastian knew it would probably be better if Astrid didn't push any buttons at the party they had decided to crash. Especially since it was her ex's and they hadn't been invited. "It's probably wiser that you don't push any buttons by making your ex jealous. Smart move, Curly", he said, nodding.
After playing the Cello for Astrid he couldn't help but have a smug look about him, proving her wrong felt kind of good. Especially since it meant that his sexy points rose and she found it attractive.
"See, I told you I could make it sexy", he grinned, chuckling and shaking his head lightly.
Now he would get to dig a little deeper into who Astrid really was.
He put the cello away carefully and then went and sat beside Astrid. He sighed and tapped his chin, expressing that he was thinking of something to ask.
"Questions like these take time to think of Curly", he stated, giving a focused look as he tried to think.
He wasn't basic enough to ask her questions about her favourite colour or pet or food. No, that wasn't really enough. He wanted to start from the beginning, like her childhood! Ah, got it, he thought!
Sebastian turned to her, all joking gone from his face, but a comfortable and curious expression replaced it," Tell me about your favourite childhood memory". He wanted to know her on a deeper level, not simply on the surface.


Nyla gave a soft laugh while she shook her head slightly, still not believing that any of this was actually happening. But his touch and presence brought her back to reality, it stopped her from questioning things or thinking about things too deeply.
She lay beside him comfortable, cuddling up to him and holding his hand while he played around with her straight hair.
"Well, you're doing it now", she smiled, her voice just above a whisper as she replied to his comment about how he had always though of kissing her. She moved his hand up to her lips and kissed his hand gently, affectionately.
She turned around, lying on her stomach and looking into his face. She pushed back his hair lightly and then looked around at their little spot, this was there's now, a memory, something they could look back on and use as their own. They could take comfort in this hidden place.
"You're tired? Why don't you get some rest huh?", she said gently," I'll be here". Jasper could look like he hadn't slept for a hundred years and he would still look extremely attractive, it would just add to his mystery.

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments "Oh Bloody Hell. You had to hit rock bottom. Ok well it had to be when my mom was still alive. We were still living in London at the time and it was my......fifth birthday? Yeah. So um around this time my mom was diagnose with cancer and was stuck in the hospital. So my dad took me to all my favorite places around London, the best place they took me too was this sweet shop, but I can't remember the name of it now. Anyways it was a limited time thing they were doing which was selling these beautiful necklaces and I really wanted one to give to my mom, because her birthday was the next day, but we didn't have enough money for the sweets and the necklace so of course I had to choose. And I didn't know what was wrong with my mom at the time, but I knew it was bad so I choose the sweets because I was try to share them with her." Astrid paused before continuing the story. "We went back to the hospital, and sat with her eating snacks and laughing before my dad took me out and handed me a small box to give to my mom and when she opened it, it was the necklace that I choose for her." She pulled the necklace out of her shirt and shower him but not looking at him. "She um, she.....said she loved it and would never take it off. But the next day we went to go see her, I couldn't go in to see her but I saw my dad come out with necklace that I gave her and realized that she had died. That still was the best day because on my birthday, she told me that she loved me so much, and wished me a happy birthday." Astrid said not realizing that she was leaning on his shoulder as she examined her necklace. "I never take it off." She said softly.

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Niran | 1792 comments Poor girl.
That was his first thought when she mentioned that her mother was diagnosed with cancer. He couldn't even imagine what it must have been like to experience that at such a young age. She was still probably dealing with it. Growing up and becoming a woman without a mother must have been extremely hard for Astrid. He didn't want to comfort her, because he felt like she didn't need it. It wasn't a sad memory for her, it was one to remember and hold on to, for happiness. So he didn't make it about her mothers illness and passing. Instead he sat there, listening intently and carefully to Astrid's memory while looking upon her face to view every expression that passed her face.
Sebastian noticed how she came closer to him unintentionally while she looked down at her necklace. He stayed silent and looked over at the necklace that held so much meaning to her. He wouldn't ask anymore about her mother, because if she truly wanted him to know then she would tell him. It was all about what she wanted to tell him and if she was comfortable, and Sebastian felt completely okay with that.
"It's beautiful", he smiled, looking at the necklace first and then looking at her with a gentle expression.

•CookieMonster• | 229 comments "I try to keep it nice and shiny." Astrid said looking up at Sebastian not wanting to move at the moment. "So you know something about me now. Anything else you would like to know Love?" She asked raising an eyebrow being completely serious at the moment. "Boyfriends, school, jobs, friends, music, anything?" Astrid said smiling lightly before running her hand through his hair. It was soft and fluffy kinda like....."Cotton candy." She mumbled and smiled. "Bloody hell. How in the world is it so soft?" Astrid asked before moving her hand away from his hair down to his face leaving it there. "Hey thanks for listening, and for giving this whole friend thing a chance. I really appreciate it Sebastian." Astrid said and kissed him on his cheek before moving away smiling. "And don't get cocky because I kissed your cheek." She said before leaning up off of him and tucked her necklace back in her shirt. "Alright now back to business. What else do you wanna know Love?" Astrid said running a hand through her own hair smiling at him.

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Niran | 1792 comments Sebastian smiled at the necklace she held so close to her heart, and watched as she tucked it away. He also realised that she stayed close to him, which he welcomed and didn't mind at all. But when she kissed his cheek he smiled again, simply out of surprise, and felt a smirk form on his face. However that quickly went back to a smile as she stated for him not to get cocky.
Suddenly she ran her fingers through his hair, as if the kiss hadn't been tempting enough! She was killing him here! But again, he stayed very calm and very comfortable.
"I do nothing to my hair, just let it do what it wants", he chuckled, shrugging softly and looking aside to her.
Again, he though of another question, but it wasn't so difficult this time.
They were in a music room. He heard her sing and play guitar. She heard him play the cello. So he wanted to know about music.
"How did you get into music? Singing and playing the guitar?", he asked curiously. Her voice was beautiful, it had a mellow and softness to it that you couldn't quite hear these days.

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