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Violet stared straight forward as Ms. Gray ran toward them. Ms. Gray layed Gemstone down and ran to her office. She quickly came back with a mix of potions. She then helped Violet down and gave her a sleeping tonic so she could rest for a bit.

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"Here drink this. Ms. Gray said handing Gemstone a tonic it will help with the pain from Mr. Helsing's healing." she said sitting on the end of Violet's bed.

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"Good." Ms. Gray said smiling. "Now tell me what in all happened?" Ms. Gray said pointing at Violet and Gemstone.

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"Really? He didn't seem like that kind of fellow." Ms. Gray said confused.

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"What's wrong?" Ms. Gray said trying to catch up.

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"Okay." Ms. Gray said looking at Violet. "So why was she all, I don't know tranced?" Ms. Gray asked looking at Gemstone and pointing to Violet.

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"Well both of you. You were all, I don't know willy nilly. While Violet was staring off. When I left I thought people would be better. I was wrong." Ms. Gray rambled.

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Violet groaned. "I don't know." she said.

Ms. Gray looked at Violet. "I think I gave her the wrong tonic." she said nervously.

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"As in instead of the sleeping tonic I think I gave Violet the vomit your guts out or something like that. It useful if someone needs something to come out. You on the other hand I think your fine." Ms. Gray said hurrying out of the room and looking for another tonic.

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"Oops!" Ms. Gray said running in and handing Violet a tonic. "I could have given you the strength of a vampire or Lycan tonic!" she said sitting down and panicking.

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Violet drank the tonic and sighed. "This is better." she said sitting up. "You okay?" she asked Gemstone.

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Violet looked over at Gemstone. "You okay?"

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"That's good." Violet said standing up and stretching. "We missed most of class."

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"Same. What's the point in making us attack when we're gonna lose?!" Violet asked confused.

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"True." Violet replied frustrated. "I really liked the idea of random spells better."

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