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The Scorch Trials (Spoilers ahead)

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Rachel It's been nearly 2 years since I read these books but I was hooked on them and couldn't stop reading them.

I loved the pacing in particular of The Maze Runner, it was thrilling and enticing and I was always left needing to read the next chapter to get the answers, or rather more questions to answer! But I loved that and it kept me so engrossed how I would learn little bits and get more questions to answer.

What I didn't like is how I have read the entire series, (okay I DNF the Prequel book yet, I got a little bored because I missed my characters..) and yes I know why they were put in the maze etc etc but the 3rd book, Death Cure, just didn't seem to flow properly and I started to lose interest. I think I still have lots of questions unanswered, or maybe the answers weren't clear enough. Death Cure was the worst book in my opinion and I can barely remember what happened.

At least the books are good as the films are pure drivel and should bare a different name so as not to keep dragging these books through the mire.

Scorch Trials was a really entertaining read, it was scary and a gripping edition to the series. I liked the turn in Teresa, it was a good dynamic to see how Thomas would react and Teresa in fact to what she had been told to do. I found it all fascinating and I didn't see it coming.

Rachel I really hope so. I thought The Maze Runner movie was really good although it strayed in parts from the book it wasn't too dramatically different, it was bearable, and it was a really good action movie. I loved how they portrayed the night in the maze, that was so intense and scary without making the film out of the appropriate age group.
However, I watched Scorch Trials in cinema and genuinely had to cover my face when the Cranks came on the big screen. I'll admit I am a little squeamish when it comes to zombies, but these were too much for me and surely would have given other kids around 12, as the certificate states, nightmares. In the book it was scary and I actually jumped at times when I was reading it and a noise came from the kitchen or something, I genuinely freaked out. But the film really scared me and when the film continued to them deviate from the book in huge ways I got fed up. I would have walked out if it hadn't been for the fact that I'm seriously one for getting my money's worth, I hoped it would get better.

I can watch and enjoy the first film but I won't watch the second again and I'm certainly not going to watch the rest. I actually made a blog post, tho I haven't posted it, about all the differences from The Scorch Trials book to the film. I may post it! Lol.

Rachel Sure thing, I'll do it tmrrw mid morn so keep a weather eye :] if there are any other books you would like to discuss I am totally up for that, I live & breathe books!

Rachel Ah! The Hunger Games is one of my most favourite novels. It's brilliant. I will talk for hours on that subject alone!

I haven't read Kill Order, well I started it but found it hard to finish because I missed all the other characters. I will give it another go once I've got through my other books to read. I had totally forgotten there was a new one coming out.. Is it this year or next?

Rachel Gah! It shall be mine! Countdown begins.

Rachel I know I tried and it wouldn't let me ]: put I was thinking I could use it as a discussion ? Or comment it in here

Rachel Hope so! I'll soon find out. Haha.

Rachel I emailed you Hun and added you!

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