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message 1: by Tyreek (last edited May 15, 2014 07:24AM) (new)

Tyreek Springer | 4 comments Deep Dark and Dangerous is a horror book about a thirteen year old girl name Alison. She went on a trip, and meet this nasty rude girl named Sissy. Sissy always talks about a girl named Teresa who drown in a lake under mysterious circumstances and her body was never found. Alison tries to figure out her past and finds something horrific that shows the real reason for angry.This book is really good i cant say this book didnt give me a good chill. I honestly reconmend reading the book.

message 2: by Thai (new)

Thai | 6 comments You make this book sound very interesting to read and I love to read about amazing mystery's.

message 3: by Bedreia (new)

Bedreia | 9 comments Seems like a cool and good book i would love to read that!

message 4: by Whitney (new)

Whitney W | 9 comments I don't like horror or scary thing things but I might read this.

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