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message 1: by Zaheer (new)

Zaheer Siddiqui | 5 comments Who else is extremely waiting for the book ? I already pre-ordered both Kindle and paper back...this is going to be fun ! , what's your thoughts ?

message 2: by Rosita (new)

Rosita (rosreads) I just got my copy today! It's massive and absolutely beautiful <3 I'll start it once I finish my calculus exam tomorrow :D

message 3: by Erin (new)

Erin H I'm waiting for it! But I think I want to finish the Infernal Devices before I start it, I only have the last two left to read.

message 4: by Zaheer (new)

Zaheer Siddiqui | 5 comments I just finished and dammmit when's the next one coming out ? Cassandra Clare is a beast !!!!!! SO AWESOME !!

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