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message 1: by C., Group Creator (last edited May 14, 2016 12:54PM) (new)

C. | 918 comments Mod
Hi All.....I have been a gamer since the old Pong game, then the first Atari, then Intellivision, and Nintendo 8-Bit. Next~Super NES. After Nintendo changed their controller to that new horrible many-button style with Nintendo-64, and we got fed up with the prices of console games, I switched to mouse-driven PC games on CD-ROM. Played the Original Sims for years and had all the exspansion packs. My out of state daughter and I used to dream about our Simmies! Also loved -Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.

Then I discovered Hidden Object games[finding objects hidden in the scene] via free play of Little Shop Of Treasures via Arcade Town online, and I've been hooked ever since. I was a subscriber for years at Big Fish Games, then/now~ Gamehouse.

I enjoy several types but my most favorite is Adventure/Quest type games like Wandering Willows, The Island Castaway 1-2, The Promised Land, Hero Of The Kingdom. Unfortunately game developers make fewer of those than any other type, but I do have about 7 good ones on my Kindle Fire, also.

On PC I also enjoy Hidden Object games like Campfire Legends-The Hookman and Campfire Legends-The Babysitter which I got both together in a Double Pack. Midnight Mysteries-Salem Witch Trials, Farmington Tales, Manor Memories and many more. I love the Delicious Emily's- Time Management games, and Bistro Boulevard, plus Heart's Medicine [a Hospital soap opera TM with really neat/unique bonus games], and lastly match-three games like Restaurant Rush, Burger Shop 2, and all three Shop-N-Spree games.

So how many here are gamers and what are your favorites?

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Lapis Lazuli I'm not really a gamer since I don't play ton's of games but I've played ADOM and minecraft mainly. I've always played games on the PC since it can be used for things other then games. ADOM(Ancient Domains of Mystery) has been 100% free until recently when they released a paid version. I have a love/hate/really hate relationship with the game because I die every ten seconds but the incredible detail draws me back for more.

Minecraft is a really nice game that's pretty much about building things. You can turn off the monsters and just build a little home where no one will bother you. Unfortunately the game is pretty hard on computers and I don't want to run my computer that hard for that long so I've been avoiding it. It's not free unfortunately but you only have to pay once to have the game forever. If you play the game frequently then it is completely worth it. My only problem with the game is loneliness.

Most games have tiny quirks that annoy me to no end, there's always something I want to be able to do but can't. I'm also picky about violent games having to many easy battles in which I feel guilty the entire time because my enemies do not stand a chance. ADOM solves this by being so hard that I have never gotten past level 13 when there is 60 levels. Every single one of my characters has or will die, if I'm really lucky I'll get to level 14 before the end of my life.

I've played the first Baldurs gate but found it to be to difficult, I kept getting killed by bandits. I also really hate buffing spells, and debuff spells to a slightly lesser extent. The effects never feel worthwhile to me and I want my healing characters to be devoted to healing alone. I tend to be torn between a mage(who is too squishy and has to many spells) and a warrior(who just does one thing). Basically I just don't like the stereotypical mage/thief/fighter/cleric and wish that games would try new things. I'll have to make my own games in order for that though.

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C. | 918 comments Mod
I never played the first Baldur's gate, only II-Shadows Of Amn, which I totally loved. I made the leader a thief. Worked so hard to get so far then my daughter and I left the house and my grandson got my lead character killed! I never had the heart to ever play it again. Now I just play the simpler and shorter $6.99 casual adventure download games.

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Lyndsey | 27 comments I get addicted to video games easily ... I responsibly don't start them often. I have been playing Destiny on and off ;) off since Christmas though. I have been too busy.

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Lapis Lazuli @ C
You probably shouldn't play ADOM then... my computer game funding is nonexistent so I either find free stuff or watch lets plays. I used to have Baldurs gate before I lost it, then I read a game guide and began to realize that I don't like maximizing. I like to roleplay the people more then I like to get the highest numbers.

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C. | 918 comments Mod
Thanks for the tip. I also care more about just playing the peeps than skill-level ect. I love games with quests to do.

I've always been a cheater, and had a Game Genie for my Nintendo games, and/or use game walkthroughs! I want to play.... not get stuck on a game.

The only new games I have bought recently are like $2.99 for the full games for my Kindle Fire. Eternal Journey, Forest Legends: The Call Of Love, Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride, Grim Legends 2:Song Of The Dark Swan, Lake House, Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story, Word Hero.

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Lyndsey | 27 comments

message 8: by Lapis Lazuli (new)

Lapis Lazuli I cheat sometimes when the game is to hard or annoys me in some way. If I feel like any of the mechanics are unfair then I cheat to compensate. I like quests when I don't have to accept them and can just sort of have them in mind, doing them whenever I feel like it or never. I also like it when it's obvious what I am supposed to do. For lets plays the best games to watch are plot driven ones, I used to like funny commentary however it became too vulgar so now I just aim for no commentary at all.

@Lyndsey I've never played Destiny, what is it like?

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C. | 918 comments Mod
Re: Lapis Lazuli, I also like optional quests and clear, easy to understand directions/ I hated the game-MYST!!!!!

Like Lyndsey said, I haven't plated Destiny either, who are the developers, and what type/genre of game is it? Is it a PC or console game?

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