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Lovetoread | 6 comments Over more years than I care to remember I found many romances that we would classify as "Forbidden Romance". Those that are Guardians lusting after their wards, or A man's best friend falling in love with his daughter. Or it might be the older stepbrother who finally sees his little step sister all grown up. I have had increasable reads and of course those that go into the pile of unfinished because they were so bad. What I am looking for avid Romance Readers is the best of the best from your list. Oh I know we have a list here in Good Reads but that does not tell me how truly good they are as only you can. I am hoping this discussion will not only bring new novels for me to buy but also introduce me to new authors. I like a strong stories with wonderful characters and some hot and sizzling moments.... so hope you can help...

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Abigail | 24 comments The Mists of Manittoo by Lois Swann is my fave forbidden romance.
I have not read the sequel yet, not sure if it will be as good.

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Ishita | 1528 comments Wuthering heights is a forbidden romance of sorts!

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