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Awake at Dawn > Tuesday: ch 6-10 (pg. 55-117)

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I was really a bit mad that they didn't go with her at first and with her being all hurt I just felt so bad for her and then when they showed up for her in the end I got a case of the friend feels!

I'm kind of glad she spilled about Holiday because hehe they would be kind of cute together and she's always been honest with Holiday in thinking that.

I think avoiding things, all the feelings and such is not good but she did get a lot dumped on her and I can see the appeal of trying to figure out one thing at a time and the ghost saying someone you love is going to die and pulling you into murder victim vision would take the top spot just saying. Also now that Sara hasn't been taking her calls I'm worrying that she might be the next victim.

We got the letter from Lucas and know what it says. I hope she reads the new one more quickly I'm curious. Also WTF is up with waking up with bigger boobs and longer hair that would suck to wake up and suddenly only one bra fits lol.

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