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Awake at Dawn > Wednesday: ch 11-15 (pg. 118-173)

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Okay so first that is a horrible stopping place. took her longer than me to go shopping. Nothing fitting properly and one bra that hardly fits where going braless isn't an option I'm going to be like "excuse me apparently supernatural stuff no one has figured out yet made me taller and boob bigger since everyone seems to notice can a girl go get some fitting clothes?"

Anywho I'm glad she came clean to Holiday it was going to drive her crazy if she didn't but at the same time I hate the distance between them now.

I'm also more convinced than ever that whatever she is is something that mixes all the groups. And I'm rather pissed I haven't read the letter yet. I want to know what Lucas has to say. I have to admit I'm a bit more accepting of Derek now, I still don't 100% trust him but he seems a bit more sincere. I'm even starting to think his eagerness to be her boyfriend so quickly might have been seeing how Lucas reacted to her knowing he would have to move fast or lose her? Maybe? Though I think she's kidding herself about Lucas coming back not mattering. She should read his letter and go from there.

Also yeah I'd need to know if my kitty turned skunk had the ability of spraying prior to my sharing my room with her. Just saying.

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