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Awake at Dawn > Thursday: ch 16-20 (pg. 174-224)

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So wow a lot is happening. More evidence that she is something with everything. Just saying. Also dreamscaping....reminds me a bit of Adrian from VA and Bloodlines. Just saying.

It sucks for Derek but she has been nothing but honest with him that she isn't sure of anything and she keeps not agreeing to date him, probably her indecision there shining through. Though I do kind of feel bad for him and his whole little realization that if she's a were it might be bad for him. Still now that she knows what the dream thing is maybe she can use it to get answers, like hey how about you explain yourself in here?

Holiday and Burnett....awe. I hope she opens up to him and gives him a chance. I kind of wanted her to spill to Holiday that yeah so I also have this feeling about others and I feel he's falling in love with you so...yeah. But yeah it just proves he came to her and told her about his past so she wouldn't get the wrong idea which is super sweet and they ended things when he met her, so many he just knew from the start he cared for her.

Also poor girl. I know her dad showing up would mess with her. He said he called Holiday, I hope she didn't set her up knowing what she's been through. But I think having it out there will be good. He didn't just cheat on her mom, he did and since he left he's abandoned her. He bailed on her when she needed him and he promised he's be there and when he did show up he was there so short a time to ready to get back to his mid life crisis. From the things she says about him from how they used to be it seems like he did a 180 when he walked out the door.

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