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Awake at Dawn > Friday: ch 21-24 (pg. 225-270)

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Okay so that ending up need to finish this ASAP. Who let her back and I'm sure storming into someone's cabin you've threatened is grounds to be kicked out for good.

OMG her mom that was freaky. Glad she's okay now.

I'm now caught. I was starting to trust Derek even if his gift and bis ease of saying just the right thing still set me on edge but then he didn't advise his new power nope adding that to his other power I don't know if I can. But then he seemed so genuine and hurt and that sucks for him but she told him from the start she is confused and doesn't know what she wants. She literally is changing and no one knows what she is and yeah boy drama should be the least of her concerns and since he can feel her feelings he should understand that.

I'm thinking she can take were bitch she took on a much older and probably more powerful one the night before. Speaking of can we please kick that female out of camp she came just go around threatening and grabbing people like that. In no universe is the okay. Plus she just stormed into her cabin.

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