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Awake at Dawn > Saturday: ch 25-29 (pg. 271-327)

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So Frederika getting sprayed in the face was beyond the best thing ever. Also love that Socks has figured out he cause use it not to be picked on.

Cheers she's not a wolf, or at least not a full wolf still holding with my theory she's a mix of all things.

So Lucas is back. I don't know how I feel about his explanation. I understand saving his sister but what was so secretive about it her couldn't have said that. Plus letting her help? And being so convinced that given all the evidence she wouldn't really hurt her.....Also it now seems that her was working with the FRU? Now they are pulling in Derek? Also is there a possibility that back when they were kids they bonded or something wolfy?

Also as for Derek...he's asking the impossible and being a bit of an ass. I like Lucas more and I respect that he is able to be friends hoping for more. Unlike Derek and his promises he never was able to do so.

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